Meet the Staff

Founded in 2006, JamPlay, LLC has quickly become the premier company for delivering media to eager guitar students from across the planet. Below you can find out a bit about the company in our 10th anniversary celebration video, and learn all about our staff.

Running a business constant push and pull between that which matters to you, and that which matters to the customers you serve. Any business has a natural tendency to blur these lines, but it's an inspired battle we continue to fight week-in, week-out, year after year. The first lines of code for JamPlay were written in 2006, and has been a constant "work-in-progress" ever since.

In the beginning of a company, there is always the purity of purpose. You are building a product to serve a group of people, and solve a problem.

This drives the people within the business, and the leaders themselves. This purity can drive even the smallest group of people to do some amazing things, and we are proud of the service we have built.

A big thank you to all of our partners, affiliates and associates.

The Staff

Remember, only the people in front of the camera need to be pretty.

Jeffery Booth


Content production, teacher acquisition, editing, and community development. Runs the CO location, studio operations, customer support, shipping, and logistics. Developing web properties since the 1990s, Jeff built and managed over 30 content-driven web properties, including a formidable technology community site.

Chris Dawson


Lead visual design and interfacing, programming, studio manager, video editor, accounting, logistics and music licensing. Runs the Akron studio and production location. Chris Founded and operated a web development firm from 2002 to 2007, graduated from the University of Dayton with double majors in Entrepreneurship and MIS.

Chris Liepe


Chris Liepe started off as a JamPlay instructor and joined the team full time in 2012. His expertise with instruction and audio engineering has allowed him to push JamPlay's content production to new levels. Having Chris go through the process as a JamPlay instructor has given him first hand training on the best approaches when planning content and lessons with potential teachers.

Matt Korsmo


Matt began building Web sites and applications in the mid-90s for top tier design / development firms in Minneapolis, working with a wide range of clients including household brand names, Fortune 500 companies and small dot com startups. It seemed natural to match his passion for guitars (particularly the Fender Telecaster) with his inclination for technology.

Jason Mounce

A Bit of Everything

Showing inclination towards music at a young age, Jason would eventually begin producing music in 2001. Primarily producing electronic dance music, Jason has experimented with cross-genrebending and creative production technique. This led him to Berklee College of Music where he studied music production. He joined theJamPlay team in 2008 as a content producer.

Aaron Miller


Aaron has been playing guitar in bands and recording music for the last decade, honing his skills in audio production and overall technical knowledge. You will be hard pressed to catch Aaron without a Metallica or Megadeth .mp3 within arms reach. Now a proud father of two, Aaron works as an editor and producer in the Akron, OH branch of JamPlay, LLC.

Chris Smith


Chris began playing guitar at the age of 12 and has been a performing and recording musician/songwriter ever since. Having spent time in some of the country's top studios with world class session players has prepared Chris for the unique opportunity of working closely with JamPlay's great instructors. Having joined the JamPlay team in 2013, Chris feels at home in the studio environment, working to get the best lessons for the Jam Play community!

Bradley Conway

Customer Service

Bradley began playing guitar at the age of 16 and is also a proficient drummer and vocalist. He has played in many bands and has even opened for a handful of National Acts. He developed a passion for helping guitarists achieve their goals while selling guitars at a local guitar shop and has brought this passion to JamPlay. This passion, coupled with his degrees in Network Administration and Cyber Security, helps him guide our JamPlay Members.

Chris Perkins-Cook


Chris has been interested in film and visual media since he was a kid. Throughout his life he has worked and written feature films, documentaries and ran his own production company. He also has an eclectic love of art and music, making him a perfect fit for the team. Chris is assisting the JamPlay team in producing, recording and editing content, running live events, and in general being a videography ninja. He joined the team in September of 2017.

Phillip Broste


Phillip Broste is an artist and filmmaker with over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He has worked as a visual effects artist and supervisor on several films, commercials, and TV shows including Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Jem and the Holograms, Zombieland, and ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Phillip joined the JamPlay team in February of 2018 and brings vast experience with audio production, videography, motion graphics, compositing and automation to our team.

Ethan Lindhout


Ethan started his creative career in the third grade with a home movie camera. Captured on scratchy 90's DV tape, he would create elaborate action movies complete with special FX, pro-voice overs, and an all star cast of GI-Joes. He followed suit in high school by running the local school TV program and creating personal mini-films. He would go on to work on the media team for the Downtown Artery, a venue and creative ecosystem in Fort Collins. Ethan continues pursuing his creative passions and living the most adventurous he can dream up.

Royce Hoffner


Royce brings a strong sense of visual creativity and storytelling, and pairs it with extensive understanding of the fundamentals of video production, motion graphics and videography to create a highly creative, and well rounded individual. Royce will be teaming up with Ethan Lindhout to produce creative (and sometimes highly unusual) videos for social media and JamPlay members. Royce previously ran a video production company and creative firm with his business partner, Ethan Lindhout. He joined the JamPlay team in February of 2018.