Blues Rock for Beginners

Get started, sound great, and have fun playing blues rock guitar

Playing Blues Rock guitar is not only fun, it's foundational to many other styles such as Rock, Country, and even Metal. This course is perfect for the beginning guitar player who knows a few chords and wants to get into Blues Rock. It's all here: 12-bar blues form, easy rhythms, shuffles, pentatonic scales, how to begin soloing, riffs, getting a great tone from your guitar and amp, and more! Will Ripley takes you through the lessons step-by-step so you can progress to success quickly.

Like all JamPlay courses, you'll learn concepts and then be guided through practicing them at different tempos. By the end of this course, you will be able to play along with any blues jam and hold your own as well as have the skills to explore other genres.

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50 Lessons
9 Hour+ Runtime
Tabs (gpx, pdf)
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Meet Will Ripley

Will Ripley is a passionate guitarist who performs, teaches, and manages a successful music business. He is a graduate of the Berklee College Of Music's Canadian Affiliate School, The Selkirk College. He has recorded, performed and toured with Grammy award winning musicians, and has shared the stage with members from bands you may know, including David Bowie and Jethro Tull. He is also a sought-after studio musician.

His unique style is touted as a combination of the blues stylings of Albert King and Jimi Hendrix, combined with larger-than-life riffs of bands like Led Zeppelin and Rage Against the Machine. Add in rhythmic complexity in the vein of Red Hot Chili Peppers and N.E.R.D. and you have a solid description of his eclectic style. While his heart may lie in blues and rock, he also has a love and deep appreciation of pop music, adoring and deriving inspiration from artists such as The Beatles, Stone Temple Pilots and Kelly Clarkson.

Blues Rock for Beginners

Everything You Need to Get Started Playing Blues Rock Guitar

If you're a beginning player who loves the blues, this course is for you! Will Ripley takes you through forms, rhythm, and soloing step by step so you can hold your own playing guitar with friends or at the next blues jam.

This course offers 50 lessons covering 9+ hours of material in step-by-step, digestible presentation.

Lessons in this Course

Series Introduction

Learn all about Will Ripley's new Blues course, Building the Blues.

4:45 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Soloing Over Blues for Beginners

Jump into the world of the Blues by learning some easy solo techniques. Get started with a bang!

16:39 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty


Understanding the 12 Bar Blues

The 12 bar blues is one of the cornerstones of the Blues genre. Will dissects it in this lesson so you will never feel confused again!

11:36 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


How to Read Chord Charts

Learn how to read and use chords charts. This will help you learn songs even faster!

7:43 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


12 Bars Blues Riffs Part 1

Learn essential riffs that can be used with the 12 bar blues. You'll be surprised how good you sound after learning these.

8:21 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


12 Bars Blues Riffs Part 2

We introduce more riffs to be played over the 12 bar blues. Learning these simple riffs will up your Blues game.

12:43 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Open String Blues Techniques

One of the best ways to get a big, raw sound is to make use of open strings. Learn how to use this technique with the 12 bar blues, as well as some amazing variations.

14:09 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Applying the Open Strings

Now that you've learned how to use open strings in your playing, Will will go over how to apply and use them in real music. You'll also learn how to apply shuffles and a straight rhythm.

16:23 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Riffing Up

It's time to learn the rest of the riffs from the track we've been working on. We will cover the shuffle riffs with and without the quick 4 and a straight rhythm riff. It's fun and sounds amazing!

12:30 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Chuck Berry Chops Builder

Ready for a challenging yet fun blues workout? Enter the Chuck Berry Chops Builder. This routine will help you improve not only your Blues playing, but also help with your all-around guitar skills.

9:58 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty

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John Be Nice - Chuck Berry Style Track

It's time to incorporate everything we've learned so far into a fun, fast paced song. This time it's in the style of legend Chuck Berry.

12:30 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


The Open E Blues

Will rips into the key of E by teaching this open E riff. It's fun, sounds cool, makes use of open strings and introduces a classic-style turnaround.

9:58 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Best Blues Turnarounds

Will Ripley shows off a few of his all-time favorite blues turnaround. Discover not only how to play them, but also how and when to use them.

9:07 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty

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Open String Shuffle

It's time to introduce a new song. It's soulful and fun, and includes open string riffs, a turnaround, the A7 and B7 chords and much more.

5:37 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


The Texas Shuffle

Will Ripley introduces "The Texas Shuffle," a common blues technique which Steve Ray Vaughan used in songs such as "Pride and Joy."

8:43 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


12 Bar Blues Expansion

It's time to use some of the most powerful Blues chords. In this lesson Will teaches an exercises that uses some of his favorite blues chords and fingerings.

13:52 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Chords to Unlock the Blues Sound

Will introduces some of the most powerful blues chords, as well as introduces a really fun Blues tune which uses them.

13:31 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


How to End a Blues Song

Will Ripley talks about his philosophy and personal tricks for successfully ending a Blues song.

8:34 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Spineless Blues

Will Ripley introduces a brand-new idea he calls a "spineless blues" progression. He is referring to a song that floats around between the major and minor key which gives it a unique, soulful sound.

14:22 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Applying New Blues Chords 1

Will introduces an entirely new JamTrack and guides you through playing chords over it. Enhance your knowledge of chords and chord technique.

7:47 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Thirds and Flat 7's

Have you ever wondered how to play two notes at the same time? Learn the technique and understand Thirds and Flat 7's in this lesson.

17:22 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Sunny Monday

Discover a new Jam Track Will calls "Sunny Monday" which goes through the peaks and valleys of playing the Blues.

22:05 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Applying New Blues Chords 2

What's the 1-6-2-5-1 ? Find out as Will shows you a mix and different styles, lead licks, chugging, melody and soloing.

10:47 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Chug Rhythm

Learn one of the best strength building exercises that Will demonstrates and explains in detail.

7:49 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Simple Blues Soloing

Bridge similarities between chording and soloing as Will teaches you some essential techniques for simple blues soloing.

10:44 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Minor Blues

Will dissects "The thrill is gone", in the style of BB King and teaches us how integrate new chords, riffs, and other elements for the Minor Blues

13:18 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Reggae Style Off Beat Rhythm

Learn to break down the Rhythm of blues guitar to transition another rhythm sequence and understand how related Blues, Reggae, and Funk are.

6:03 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


The Secret to Feeling the Blues

"The blues is easy to play, but it's hard to feel" - Jimi Hendrix - Will explains his secrets to feeling the blues in this indepth lesson.

8:52 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Pentatonic and Blues Scales Part 1

Understand why scales are essential to playing awesome blues solo guitar and why it's important to learn all the scales in one key.

24:13 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Pentatonic and Blues Scales Part 2

Learn how to play over a major or dominant based blues and to focus on 3 keys "E Minor, A Minor, B Minor".

14:51 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


Connecting the Pentatonic Scales

Solidify original concepts by navigating the fretboard in patterns to connect different Pentatonic Scales.

11:49 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Applying and Memorizing the Scales

Will demonstrates a fun way to start practicing the Penatonic Scales and how to approach it from a different angle.

12:19 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


The Money Notes

What are the money notes? Will continues the theme of uncovering the best parts of performing pentatonic scales and how to make it sound rich.

11:35 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Sweet Blues Vibrato

Understand the spectrum and importance of performing sweet blues vibrato. You will learn how to sustain, be consistent with the bending motion and tempo, and become very rhythmic with shaking the note

7:59 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


How to Bend Strings Properly

Will shows and tells us the key secret to performing bends by using more muscle, adding vibrato, and using your own creativity.

12:15 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Easy Blues Solo for Beginners

Learn the essential techniques for blues soloing such as, bending the change pitch of the note, following the chord changes, making sure you don't over play and much more!

10:50 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


The B.B. and Albert Box

Discover the BB Box/ Albert Box technique that uncovers a zone on the fretboard for you to utilize for maximum effect.

10:09 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Smoke and Grease Licks

Will introduces us to the "Smoke and Grease" lick that emcompasses combinations of major, minor and blues note, and navigating through the fretboard.

9:19 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Smoke and Grease

Tackle and resolve the "Smoke and Grease" blues riff that focuses on the 1-4-5 pattern while adding intensity to your down and up strokes.

16:32 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Licks Over Jump Blues

Learn to create a blues melody and how to expand on it over a Rockabilly style track.

14:19 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


The Starter Lick

Will teaches a universal and common blues lick that has been played by all the legends. It's a great launching pad for other blues licks as well.

5:45 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Blues Pentatonic Workout

Challenge your right and left hand with this epic riff to practice your blues Pentatonic abilities.

8:32 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Guitar Pick vs. Fingers

What's the difference between using the guitar pick, versus using your fingers? Find out the secrets in this lesson by understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both.

6:38 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


How to Strike the Notes for Blues Fury

Learn to strike strings with speed, power, and control to get the intensity necessary for the fury of the Blues.

5:04 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Call and Response

Will explains and shows us the importance of using space, playing tastefully, and understanding the history of an important technique, "Call and Response."

5:17 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


How Modes Fit Into the Blues

Learn the essential building blocks to know how modes fit into Blues style guitar playing.

7:52 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Intro to Blues Slide Guitar

Develop your internal pitch with Will while he explains the beginning steps for the Blues Slide Guitar.

12:41 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Open D Slide Guitar Song

Unlock the secrets to Open D Slide Guitar with Will as he shows you how powerful of a tool slide guitar can be.

8:39 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


How to Craft a Great Blues Solo

Every Blues solo tells a story. Ripley demonstrates how to approach a blues solo by using different themes, feelings, and techniques.

8:30 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Blues Gear, Blues Tone

Need Blues Gear recommendations? Look no further! Will goes over different picks, strings, guitars, amps and other pieces of equipment you might need for getting the best Blues Tone.

9:27 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty

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