Modern Country Guitar

Genre and Style Guitar Course from Brent Mason

Fingerpicking, rhythm, gear, soloing, the Nashville number system...learn it all from one of the most recorded guitarists in history: A-list session player, Brent Mason!

22 Lessons

Complete course with step-by-step lessons and practice examples.


Course filmed with 6 cameras for the perfect angles.

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Country music at its finest. Learn to groove in the country style, challenge yourself with some Brent Mason fingerpicking, and just try to make it all the way through one of the FIVE complete solos that Brent has prepared for you in this series. Get to work!

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Series Introduction

Learn Nashville style country guitar from one of the most recorded guitarists in history. Check out rhythm grooves, solos, country pickin' and a glimpse into the life of an A-list Nashville session player!

3:14 Runtime

0.5 Difficulty

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Guitars, Tone & Gear

Brent takes you through how his tools have changed and evolved over the years, from the first guitar he used in a Nashville session to his new signature model. He also talks amps and effects and discusses which types of setups he prefers for different kinds of music. He gives some great demonstrations of different tones and explores different delay styles.

24:34 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty


Brent Mason Style Fingerpicking

Brent breaks down his unique fingerpicking technique, teaches a few exercises you can do to get your fingers in shape, and talks about his fingernails. If you're not an experienced fingerpicker, make sure you learn and practice the exercises in this lesson before moving on to his later lessons!

8:23 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Country Shuffle

Brent presents his first of many rhythm grooves, the Country Shuffle. Get this one down, play it with the backing track, and make it your own!

8:53 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Add Some Licks to the Country Shuffle

Brent Mason builds on the groove in the last lesson by showing how you can maintain great rhythm playing while adding tasteful, rhythmic licks into the mix. This is a delicate art, because you want to choose parts that don't conflict with other band members or the original rhythm part.

6:12 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Moderate Train Beat

In the second rhythm groove in Brent Mason's series, learn to play like Brent when he played with Alan Jackson. This one's got a bit more to it than the Country Shuffle and will really get you in the feel of modern country!

13:37 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Moderate Train with Licks

You've played the rhythm part. Now, you can join Brent Mason in playing three different licks or embellishments that can be added to the rhythm. Some are fast, and some are slow, but they all require a good amount of precision to pull off authentically.

10:26 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty



Learn how to take a basic chord progression and inject some country-tinged soul into it. Brent Mason shows how a simple idea played with the right attitude or vibe can be extremely catchy and powerful.

9:07 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Country/R&B Licks

In the groove yet?...Good! Now add some tasty embellishments to your modern country / R&B flavored playing. Let Brent Mason show you how!

9:01 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Thoughts on Songwriting

Brent Mason discusses his role in the songwriting process. He talks about tailoring your playing to the type of artist you are playing for and really trying to focus on what that artist is as a whole. He also touches on creating your own original songs and the power of collaboration.

7:14 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty


Eagles Style Country Rock

Start rockin' Eagles style with this familiar country rock groove. It may be simple, but pay attention to the soul behind the notes. How you play it makes all the difference!

5:29 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Eagles Style Country Rock Licks

Building on the simple, rockin' rhythm groove of the last lesson, Brent Mason injects 3 simple licks or embellishments that are sure to make heads turn! What ever you do, don't lose the groove!

5:04 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


The Business of Being a Session Player

Brent Mason discusses how he got started as a session player and how the job has changed over the years. He also offers some tips and advice for those interested in becoming session players.

20:31 Runtime

0.5 Difficulty


Fast Train

Country rhythm school with Brent Mason continues with one of the trademarks of his career, the "Fast Train". You'll be boot scootin' and jammin' like Alan Jackson in no time!

12:41 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Fast Train Licks

Brent Mason adds 3 little embellishments to the Fast Train rhythm from the last lesson to spice up the groove. Make sure you have the basic rhythm down before trying to work these ideas in!

5:50 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Practicing & Listening

Brent Mason takes you back in time to when he was first learning to play. He reminisces about how he used to have to try and figure out songs, his early influences, and offers advice on listening--the key ingredient to his success as a musician.

9:16 Runtime

0.5 Difficulty


JamPlay Country Solo #1

Brent Mason heads back to the country shuffle track used earlier in the series and presents the first of 5 complete solos written exclusively for JamPlay! Mason demonstrates the whole solo and explains the 3 key licks that encapsulate the feel of the piece. Get those licks down, and then tackle the whole solo!

13:14 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


JamPlay Country Solo #2

Your fingers are gonna have to speed up a bit in this solo played over the "Moderate Train" groove. Remember to pace yourself and get each section down before moving on to the next.

11:43 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


The Nashville Number System

Brent Mason gives a bit of history on how the Number System became the standard in Nashville and explains the cryptic shorthand he uses to make the music happen. Also, download Nashville charts that Mason used in a real session! See if you can figure them out.

8:08 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


JamPlay Country Solo #3

Reaching deep down into his soul, Brent Mason gives us a little more modern country/R&B. There aren't as many notes here, but getting the right tone out of each note is really the focus with this one.

11:02 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


JamPlay Country Solo #4

Brent Mason gets FUNKY! Combine chicken pickin' fun with some serious jazz-influenced "outside" playing. This one'll give your fingers and brain a workout!

11:02 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


JamPlay Country Solo #5

This is the grand finale! It's Brent Mason's longest and trickiest solo of all played over the fast train track. There's a lot of ground to cover here, from fast chicken pickin' to long legato runs. Have fun!

13:57 Runtime

4.5 Difficulty

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  • Nashville, TN
  • Playing since 1964
  • 22 lessons at JamPlay
Take lessons from one of the most recorded guitarists in history! Brent Mason has appeared on thousands of country albums and his name has become synonymous with "session musician".

Learn country rhythm grooves, dive in to the Nashville Number system and challenge yourself with some quick, fingerpickin' solos. Country music doesn't get more authentic than this! Come in and take some lessons from Brent Mason.
Reviews & Feedback 87/100 with 406 ratings

Brent is my favorite by far. His lessons are clear, concise, and easy to follow. I've been playing for 40 years and got into country a few years ago. I've found Brent's style to be the classy way to go.


awesome course. i lov it.


Great advice.


Brent is "down to earth" and not pretentious, I will do my best to follow what he says. Plus, he's fun to listen to, there's a lot going on when he plays! Not boring at ALL. I've got his tutorial video too. He plays Western Swing / Jazz just fa


Brent is a genius and very down to earth in his teaching professionalism


Brent is awesome!


Brent is great need more of him!!!!!


Brent is one of my all time favorite guitar players. It is amazing to find him on here offering a little insight into his style. Thanks Brent, and God Bless brother.


Brent is the absolute man. Love the camera angles, and he's not going crazy explaining theory that goes waaaay over my head.


Brent is the best! Ray H


Brent Mason is an outstanding player. I am enjoying his presentation style, and look forward to gaining a better understanding of "Chicken Picking" AND the Nashville Number System. Thanks Brent. Great Job - and thanks for sharing.


Brent Mason is such a great Guitarist, I like trying to learn his style. He comes acroos as being honest, humble, passionate, and a fellows who doesn't throw it in your face. I hope he continues to teach for Guitar Jam. P.S. the Beta works on m


Mr. Mason has really helped me a lot for i am getting a little older and did not know I could still learn and that is only one of many things Brent has taught me! After sll these years I can still play and I love his style and touch! Thanks f


Brent Mason really shows some good technique and styles in this series. I would really love to see another series from Brent that continues to break down the "Nashville" style guitar.


cool guy!!


do I have to have long finger nails on my picking hand to play this style?


great playing!! cool guy


More Brent. Very soulful, with feeling. I will point out 2 mistakes in the transcription if you want to know.


Good teacher, ideas well laid out. As a working musician and teacher who needs to spend more time learning country I've found these lessons helpful. If there are small mistakes on occasions I'm not bothered - I like learning from human beings :


great lesson, simple but powerful with a lot of applications on music

Brian green

I love this style of guitar and love to see more on Jamplay


Great teacher and player. Well done.


Great to have the demos to show how it can sound once the lesson material has been mastered


i am having trouble with video today, it was working when i joined but not anymore what is the problem?


I get lost sometimes on which fingers Brent uses to pick with when he goes across the fretboard doing licks. Did I miss something or I must just be slow. I could just sit and listen to Brent play.


I like Brents teaching style and when the lesson starts out with what it should sound like when he plays it. I don’t like to wait until the end of the lesson for the teacher to start shedding it! I like the camera angles.


I like this teacher's style


I'm love Mr. Mason's style of guitar picking. It has inspired me to start practicing again! Thanks Mr. Mason


Just an awesome inspiring. attitude-rich style to learn from.


Like listening to an old friend


love it


Most excellent teacher. I’ve learn more in a week than in the past year!!


need more like this


One of the worlds best. Great teacher.......greater player!!!!!


So clean! So co0l!


Such a great mentor!

david inman

Teacher has a good way of explaining the what he's doing on the guitar.


This guy rocks. His phrasing and riffs are clean, innovative and interesting.


This is the kind of music I want to be able to play and how (finger-style) I want to play it


Trying to improve on my country skills and this is just perfect.


very easy to understand