Sugarman's Shredding Revolution

Skill Building Guitar Course from Dan Sugarman

Sugarman's Shredding Revolution is all about discovering and creating ways to develop a new and unique level of understanding of two-hand synchronization, which is one of the core foundations of clean playing.

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If you’ve ever felt like one of your hands seems to fall behind the other, or you tend to get ahead of yourself in one way or another, you are well aware of how frustrating this problem can be. But don't worry, we can fix it. With a little bit of help, and your focused attention to detail, Dan can get you through this plateau that so many guitarists before you have given up at, or worse… they’ve been completely content with sloppy guitar playing!

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Series Introduction

Dan Sugarman gives us an introduction and preview to his series - Sugarman's Shredding Revolution.

5:13 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty

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The Speed of Light

Dan begins his series by revolutionizing the way we approach our instrument. In this lesson, Dan shares a concept he calls The Speed of "Light".

10:27 Runtime

1.5 Difficulty


The Pulse

Finding the "Goldilocks" zone is key to getting your hands in the best position possible to shred, by finding the right amount of pressure to apply to the strings. Dan helps us find the touch that's "just right"! Also, Dan will discuss the tuning his is using in this entire series.

12:21 Runtime

1.5 Difficulty


Speed of Light Application Exercise

In this lesson, we put into practice what we've talked about so far in this series. This exercise is designed to help you find your Goldilocks Zone, and practice it enough to put it on auto pilot!

7:49 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Perfect Practice Posture

Contrary to what some say, good posture feeds into good technique, which feeds into great guitar playing. In this lesson Dan gives us examples of good posture for two different ways of holding the guitar.

5:21 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty


50/50 Finger Frenzy

Distributing the right amount of pressure throughout your hand is a key foundation to achieving two hand sync. In this lesson, Dan analyzes this concept and helps to get us on the right track.

12:11 Runtime

1.5 Difficulty


Chromatic Finger Crawl

This lesson is designed to work on the hand to brain connection during the string change, and to help you "fall" into position as opposed to "flail" into position.

2:56 Runtime

1.5 Difficulty


Finger IQ: Hammer-Ons

Now it's time to sprinkle some legato playing into the proceedings. Starting with hammer ons, Dan shows us how to use "weight" not "strength" to achieve this technique.

6:56 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Finger IQ: Pull Offs

Now Dan shows us the next element of legato playing: Pull Offs.

3:30 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


True Legato: Three Notes Per String

Using hammer-ons and pull-offs that we learned in the previous lessons, Dan now gives us an introduction to true legato - using three note per string patterns.

5:08 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Home Position

Now that we've spent a good deal of time on the fretting hand, it's time to turn our attention to the picking hand. Dan starts with examining how to get the best tone from our instrument, using what he calls the Home Position.

11:43 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Home Position Application

In this lesson, Dan helps us apply some exercises to the home application that will help it become second nature in no time!

8:59 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Rhythm and Konokol

A solid rhythmic foundation is a must when addressing the basics of good technique. In this lesson, Dan shows a very fresh and cool way to approach rhythm, with the ancient Indian method: Konokol.

7:47 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Time and Rhythm Table

Now, Dan moves the Konokol rhythm system that we looked at in the last lesson to the guitar, exploring different rhythm configurations along the way.

3:04 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Polymeter and Polyrhythm

When it comes to complex rhythm, understanding the difference between polyrhythm and polymeter are very important. In this lesson, Dan gives us a crash course on how to tell the difference.

3:08 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Sync or Swim Part 1

Now it's time to put our hands together (so to speak). We're bringing what we've worked on for the left hand, and what we've worked on for the right hand together to get a firm grasp of our two hand sync. Dan starts us out with a basic exercise to solidify this foundation.

8:40 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Sync or Swim Part 2

In this lesson, Dan continues to emphasize two hand sync, adding the new ideas of inside picking and outside picking.

10:08 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Sync or Swim Part 3

Now Dan introduces some 2 string patterns into our two hand sync exercises. In each lesson, he's ratcheting up the difficulty level!

3:08 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Sync or Swim Part 4

In this lesson, Dan explores more two string patterns, this time emphasizing odd two string patterns. Finger twisters and brain teasers for sure!

8:03 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Sync or Swim Part 5

Endurance is the name of the game in this lesson. Dan shows us one of his favorite techniques he calls "Phalange Laps".

4:04 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Rhythm vs. Lead Playing

Subtle hand positioning can go a long way in determining the proper position for lead playing or rhythm playing. Here, Dan analyzes this concept in great detail, getting you on the right path and putting you in the best position to play either!

4:30 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Picking Hand Muting Techniques

Now we get to muting techniques. Starting off, Dan gives us all the details on muting techniques for the picking hand. These are a must if you want to truly reign in that beast of an instrument!

12:49 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Fretting Hand Muting Techniques

Switching our muting attention to the fretting hand, Dan gives us the essential techniques we need to get the cleanest result.

14:52 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Learning to Fish for Ourselves

In this lesson, Dan teaches a great way to analyze our own playing, focusing in on our mistakes and how to correct them. It starts with quarantining our playing.

9:19 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty



What gives you your unique voice on the guitar? Well, there are a number of things that go into that equation. In this lesson, Dan takes a look at some of the key techniques that will go a long way in helping you find your voice!

18:01 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Substrate 1 - Rhythm vs. Lead Playing

Now Dan will help us focus on growing our weaknesses. First up is Rhythm vs. Lead Playing.

5:28 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Substrate 2 - Legato

Up next in working on strengths and weaknesses? Legato.

3:49 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Substrate 3 - Alternate Picking

Up next in the world of substrates - Alternate Picking.

4:50 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Substrate 4 - Directional Picking

The last substrate Dan takes us through is Directional Picking.

7:06 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Creative Application of All Techniques

In the last lesson of the series, Dan gives us a musical, full band exercise that ties in all of the techniques that we've learned throughout the series.

6:25 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


JamPlay Interview with Dan Sugarman

Who is Dan Sugarman? Get to know a little about Dan - his background, his music, and what drives him to excel at guitar in this JamPlay interview.

8:44 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty

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As Blood Runs Black (former)

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Playing since 2004
  • 31 lessons at JamPlay
Dan Sugarman is a 26 year old guitarist, producer, teacher and songwriter hailing from the South Bay of Los Angeles, CA. His tenacity and dedication to the art of music and guitar led him to the lead guitar position in the internationally touring band, As Blood Runs Black. Now as a solo artist, Dan continues to work on his original music being released through Patreon, and is currently producing and engineering other bands & artists at Sugartone Studios, and composing for film & television. He also maintains an ever-growing student body as a private guitar teacher, mentor, and educator in the crafts of songwriting, creativity, and modern day recording techniques.

Dan is currently working on his "living album", Inside Out - Part I, available on and completing an album for his new group A Mind Made Me, featuring singer//actor Sarah J Bartholomew.
Reviews & Feedback 92/100 with 77 ratings

All of this serious is great...from teacher to content to presentation


i feel this tutorial is what so what i was hoping to get from other instructor's. can't wait to start the jorney !!




I hope can follow and do the exercises right.


There are enough Paul Gilbert Lick - use a metronome - stay relaxed - and good luck - lesson out there. This lesson as well as the whole series seem to address some the real obstacles.