Fretboard Roadmap: CAGED

Live Guitar Course: Learn to unlock your guitar with the CAGED System.

There are many great ways to get around the fretboard. In a previous course here on JamPlay, we dove head first into 3 note per string scales, traveled around the guitar neck and took in many different sounds over varying tonal centers. Continuing with the same “system” mindset, we’re going to map the neck using the CAGED system. We will learn how chord forms relate to full seven note scales and how those relate to our arpeggios and pentatonic scales in the same area on the neck. Once you train yourself to see and hear how all these musical tools are related, the creative possibilities are truly endless. This course is divided up into two different types of sessions. We’ve got the “informational” sessions, and the “creativity” sessions. You’ll have a good week to get new patterns and positions in your fingers and then we go to the recording canvas to make each new bit of information come alive.

Fretboard Roadmap: CAGED

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  • Learn the Entire Fretboard
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Fretboard Roadmap: CAGED Guitar Course

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Date Topic

Week 1

04/25/2018 at 6pm

The C Shapes

Starting with the open strings and our good old C chord, we’re going to visualize and practice all of the possibilities that full major scales, pentatonic scales and arpeggios can offer.

Week 2

05/02/2018 at 6pm

Creating with the C Shapes

Each shape and its accompanying tools have unique phrasing opportunities built in. The C shape inspires chime-like patterns and leads. Arpeggios in this shape are also accessible and highly effective. We’ll explore neighboring triads and full chord shapes here as well so we can begin to build chord progressions in each area of the neck.

Week 3

05/09/2018 at 6pm

The A Shapes

This week we will take a look at the A shape and all of the possibilities that it offers. Of particular note is the arpeggio, which will stretch your hand out and test your skills.

Week 4

05/16/2018 at 6pm

Creating with the C and A Shapes

Now that we have two different shapes available the fun starts to compound. The A shape has inspired many driving rhythms, and is especially loved in country-tinged classic rock when combined with ideas from the C shape. You’ll get to see and hear the possibilities when these are combined and hopefully find yourself inspired to create your own musical passages.

Week 5

05/23/2018 at 6pm

The G Shapes

The shapes and patterns based around the G shape feel “rangier” than some of the other shapes. Even though they all have the same amount of notes, the placement of the roots and the hand positioning makes spanning octaves and creating spacious chords a natural occurrence here. It is within these shapes that you also find the most ubiquitous pentatonic shape known to guitar players!

Week 6

05/30/2018 at 5pm

Creating with the A and G Shapes

The A and the G shapes share an especially ergonomic and musical set of notes. Many great lines throughout time have been created by exploiting this wonderful relationship. This positioning works great on various places of the neck for creating pedal tone lines as well as some nice double-stop infused melody ideas.

Week 7

06/13/2018 at 6pm

The E Shapes

The E shapes house some very conventional sounding and feeling triad possibilities. We’ll work on the scales and arpeggios as well, but the simple chord forms are what immediately stand out. These patterns, like the G shape patterns, also feel rangy and the scale patterns tend to roll off of the fingers in a very symmetrical way.

Week 8

06/20/2018 at 6pm

Creating with the G and E Shapes

Both of these shapes have low, well-positioned roots on the 6th string. This placement allows for some beefy compositional possibilities. Get ready for some intense chords, some brooding and some with a very definitive voice. Also expect some nice fundamental triad layers.

Week 9

06/27/2018 at 6pm

The D Shapes

The compact nature of the D chord and the focus on the higher strings make the chord and its associated patterns well-suited to melodic possibilities and layering. In learning this position, you’ll see how intertwined with the C shapes it is and you’ll learn how to move between them with ease and taste.

Week 10

07/11/2018 at 6pm

Creating with the E and D Shapes

The E and D chords themselves share a relationship that is can be particularly Bluesy. In studying the way the patterns work together, we’ll Blues it up a bit and call in some of our other favorite positions. This is a great finale to the course.

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