Practicing for Real Music

Live Guitar Course: Improve in ways that apply to actual music

Wouldn’t it be great if the exercises we practice to improve our technique could also double as catchy and applicable licks we could incorporate into our everyday creative playing? Many times, we suffer from tunnel vision when it comes to working on technique and get stuck playing the speed game. Or we work ourselves into a state of discouragement because we just can’t seem to get better at a certain aspect of our playing. Using drills to improve our playing might help us get over certain humps, but ultimately, we want to be efficient with our time, and get to making real music as quickly as possible. This course has been created with the goal of working on various playing techniques and styles while also providing a sizable collection of licks that can be ported and tweaked to work with many different styles of music. So, you’ll get to learn new licks and riffs, improve your technique in many areas and spend time learning how to apply musical passages in different settings.

Practicing for Real Music

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  • Gilmour Style Vibrato and Bending
  • Steve Vai Style Sliding
  • String Scrape Like SRV
  • Creative Pentatonic Ideas
  • Alternate and Consecutive Picking
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Practicing for Real Music Guitar Course

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Date Topic

Week 1

08/29/2018 at 6pm

SRV Style String Scraping

We’re going to use an exciting SRV inspired lick to practice our pocket playing. Specifically, we’re going to work on locking in our strumming hand while playing lead and rhythm guitar at the same time. This is something that Stevie was very good at. Even though staying in the groove is important, it’s ok to get a little messy with the scraping.

Week 2

09/05/2018 at 6pm

Arpeggios and Consecutive Picking

Most of the time, when people want to improve their sweep picking, they pick a few stock arpeggio shapes, turn on the click track and enter drill world. We’re going to take a much more restrained approach here. This lick will help you hone in on the sweeping technique but will also help you musically connect several ideas. This way, you won’t be playing aimless arpeggios with no hope of incorporating your hard work into an actual guitar solo.

Week 3

09/12/2018 at 6pm

Odd Notes Per String Alternate Picking

Even note groupings on multi-string licks flow pretty smoothly with a little wood-shedding, but throw in an odd grouping and that trustworthy alternate picking really gets tripped up! We’ll use a target note and consider phrasing so that we’re not only playing fast and clean, we’re also being a bit more artistic and intentional in the process.

Week 4

09/19/2018 at 6pm

Satriani Style Legato

Have you ever been reading through a tab book, seen a flurry of notes, looked at the notes over the tab and then thrown up your hands thinking it was impossible? I have! It’s difficult to look at a lot of notes in a measure and really get a sense of the timing and phrasing of the passage. This week we have a lick that has a lot of fast notes, but we get to spend a good amount of time studying the phrasing and application of such a lick, something that relying solely on tab books never allow.

Week 5

10/03/2018 at 6pm

David Gilmour Bending and Vibrato

This week could be considered to be on the opposite side of the spectrum compared to week four. We only have a handful of notes, but we’re going to give this lick our all when it comes to ringing out the notes that are there. By using full and step and a half bends and paying special attention to pick attack, we’re going to take cues from David Gilmour and use the higher register of the guitar like a human voice.

Week 6

10/10/2018 at 6pm

Down and Dirty with Double Stops

Learning a lick straight off of the tab can be a good way to work, but some details just can’t be gleaned. There’s a twist in this lick that when caught, the player is able to harness the essence of the lick, but it can’t be seen just by tab reading. You have to see it played and then position yourself to inject the extra music.

Week 7

10/17/2018 at 6pm

Two Position Tapping Fun

This week, we’ll take two familiar scale patterns and we’ll play one with our left hand and one with our right hand. We’ll have both hands on the fretboard and we will be visualizing two different patterns at the same time while we play through a waterfall-esque descent.

Week 8

10/31/2018 at 6pm

Chords and Harmonics

Using two chords in the key of E, we get to exploit the 12th fret harmonics on the guitar to create chordal layers and textures. This is a challenging technique and requires some special attention paid to tone and picking hand technique. Once you get the hang of it, it can be especially fun to go back and look at some of your favorite chords.

Week 9

11/07/2018 at 6pm

Steve Vai Style Sliding

It’s fun and it sounds cool when you’re playing in one position and then intentionally use a big ol' slide to transition to a different area of the neck to finish the passage. Mr. Vai does this really well and often. We’ll look at a lick that incorporates many of the techniques we’ve worked on thus far and hone in specifically on sliding.

Week 10

11/14/2018 at 6pm

Rearranged Pentatonic Idea

It is easy to either get stuck or bored with the pentatonic scale. You might even be both. This lick will revive the good old faithful pentatonic scale with some rhythmic consecutive picking. We’ll learn how to phrase using one of the pentatonic patterns and then look at ways to take these same phrasing ideas to other scales.

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