Merging Pentatonics

Live Guitar Course: Blending Pentatonics for Melodic Phrasing

Pentatonic scales are everywhere, but often you can feel limited with what you can do with them. In this 10 week live course, Dave Brown will not only help reduce the confusion so that you’re able to grasp how and when they’re applied, but you’ll also develop vocabulary by borrowing notes from other pentatonic scales so that not only do you know what those notes sound like, but now you know where to find them too. Dave will be using uniform cuts across the neck that will apply the same way in every key, then when it’s all said and done, we’ll revert back to the traditional approach of learning pentatonics in position to see how your new found understanding of how they work and how to alter them applies to the positions some of you already know.

Merging Pentatonics

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Merging Pentatonics Guitar Course

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Date Topic

Week 1

03/12/2019 at 6pm

The Major Pentatonic and its Blue Note

For our first week of Merging Pentatonics, we’ll learn what creates the major pentatonic as well as how it applies to two convenient cuts through the neck. We’ll then add sharp 2 and flat 3 into the mix. Finally, we’ll take on some licks to help train your ear and increase your vocabulary.

Week 2

03/19/2019 at 6pm

Major Pentatonic add 4

This week in Merging Pentatonics, we’ll pull the 4th scale degree from our IV chord’s pentatonic scale so that you don’t have to completely switch scales to address that note or the IV chord. But, in fact you already did change scales just by adding that note.

Week 3

03/26/2019 at 6pm

Major Pentatonic add Flat 7

Without the the flat 7, the major pentatonic scale is pretty happy, but throw the flat 7 into the mix and all of the sudden the same scale you’ve been playing now sounds like it can fit pretty much anywhere! This week in Merging Pentatonics, we’ll borrow the flat 7 from our minor pentatonic scale and explore what kind of juice we can squeeze out of it. It turns out that when you combine it with last week’s 4th scale degree, you’ve got yourself a mixolydian scale!

Week 4

04/02/2019 at 6pm

Minor Pentatonic and Its Blue Note

After spending the last few weeks on the major pentatonic, we’re going look at that same scale in a different light. This week in Merging Pentatonics, we’ll see how those same scales you learned in week one were actually minor this whole time.

Week 5

04/09/2019 at 6pm

Minor Pentatonic with a Major 3rd

The minor pentatonic is pretty versatile, but when you head back to the I chord, arguably the most important note you could play is nowhere to be found in the scale you’re using. This week, we’ll change that by borrowing the major 3rd from the major pentatonic and check out some new vocabulary it gives us.

Week 6

04/16/2019 at 6pm

Minor Pentatonic add 6

Borrowing the 6th scale degree from the major pentatonic scale can take your sound from something straight minor and bluesy, to something a little more mysterious. In week six of Merging Pentatonics, we’ll figure out where the 6th is located in our run, learn some new vocabulary and we’ll also check out a progression that our new note’s great for as well.

Week 7

04/23/2019 at 6pm

Minor Pentatonic add 2

This week in Merging Pentatonics, we’ll see what kind of vocabulary comes out of adding the major pentatonic’s 2nd scale degree to our minor pentatonic scale and how it’s a pretty key note when that V chord comes around.

Week 8

04/30/2019 at 6pm

Position 1 Accumulation

For the last three weeks of this course we’ll branch out from our consistent cut throughs and start applying this course’s vocabulary to some of the most useful positions. This week, we’ll check out how the G shape and Gm shape line up to give you both major and minor sounds all at your fingertips, regardless of what key you’re in.

Week 9

05/07/2019 at 6pm

Position 2 Accumulation

For week nine in Merging Pentatonics, we’ll move up the neck one position to see how the E and Em shape pentatonic positions line up, as we figure out how play this course’s vocabulary on location.

Week 10

05/14/2019 at 6pm

Position 3 Accumulation

For this last week in Merging Pentatonic scales, we’ll travel up the neck one more position to see how the D and Dm shapes line up, as we move them and our vocabulary around the neck to any and every key.

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