Guitar Gym for Rookies

Live Guitar Course: Core Exercises for Developing Good Technique

That guitar has collected a bit of dust and now you have a lot of extra time on your hands. You start to think about getting serious again but keep getting stuck on those intro lines to your favorite songs and give up. Playing any style of guitar requires various techniques that can seem overwhelming when you are confronted with them. Okay, so you want to improve, but where do you jump in? How do you start? How do you adequately train for the songs you really want to play? Most importantly how do you not get bored while acquiring the ability you need to get there? Fortunately there are some basic techniques that can provide a foundation for almost any style you seek to play. Often though technical exercises can feel an awful lot like eating your musical vegetables but they don’t have to! For the next 10 weeks we will be going through some various foundational concepts put into interesting musical examples to help bring your playing to the next orbit and impress the neighbors hearing you practice during your quarantine. Each week we will hit the gym together, highlight a specific aspect important to every genre of guitar, talk through it, give examples, insights into how not just what to practice, play together, and best of all answer your questions live. Join now!

Guitar Gym for Rookies

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Guitar Gym for Rookies Guitar Course

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We have upgraded, revamped, and organized in-studio, live weekly workshops broadcasted in 1080p. These focused, task-based workshops include full tablature, interactivity with the instruction, and even homework each week.

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And of course, we keep everything, so if you miss a week you can always watch our archive of live courses. Tabs, backing tracks, and a full course PDF are provided for students, along with homework for each week! Interact with other students along with the teacher and get the instruction you need to advance your playing.

Date Topic

Week 1

04/27/2020 at 6pm

Playing Chords

In this week’s lesson we will tackle some of the difficulties encountered when playing chords and offer insights to speed up the process. Whether it’s switching from chord to chord smoothly, learning a new chord and how to memorize it or even playing a bar chord without buzzing, we will walk through some of the tips to make these problems go away!

Week 2

05/04/2020 at 6pm

Playing Chord Progressions

In this week’s lesson we will start with a basic foundation of what chords makes up a key and what it means to play common progressions like I IV V, ii V I and more. We will also explore adding some changes to common progressions by switching major chords to minor and minor chords to major to add color.

Week 3

05/11/2020 at 6pm

Playing Strum Patterns

In this lesson we will get a handle on how to best visualize rhythm with a system of “separating the beat.” From there we will apply this idea to various chords and strum patterns breaking down some common sequences but giving you options to add your own while still keeping time.

Week 4

05/18/2020 at 6pm

Playing Single Notes

This lesson will focus on how to develop a good picking hand intuition so you can have confidence the pick will be where it needs to be when you need it to be there! Once we have a handle on that we will apply it to some practice patterns as we build up to playing scales.

Week 5

06/01/2020 at 6pm

Playing Major Scales

In this week’s lesson we will start to see ways to play the same scale sound in different spots on the fretboard. We will start with patterns beginning on the low E, patterns starting on the low A and then how to use octaves as jumping points around the fretboard for small scale patterns. It sounds tricky but we will demystify it!

Week 6

06/08/2020 at 6pm

Playing Pentatonic Scales

This week we dive into some of the most common scale sounds used in rock, jazz, blues, funk etc. We will start by looking at Pentatonic boxes but make sure we don’t get stuck there, as many of us do, as we find ways to move these around the fretboard. It’s important to have basic knowledge of options, not just memorized patterns.

Week 7

06/15/2020 at 6pm

Playing Arpeggios

This week we tackle what arpeggios are, why they are so darn fun to play and how to use them. Knowing a few patterns can help us quickly see how useful they can be in developing melodies, solos, progressions and more.

Week 8

06/22/2020 at 6pm

Playing Fingerpicking

This week we look at the foundation of fingerpicking, how to properly position your hand, what to do with arm tension, reserving a finger for each string, and various patterns to get you going.

Week 9

06/29/2020 at 6pm

Playing with Expression

In this week’s lesson we will talk about many of those nuances that make your playing expressive. These range from string bending, neck bending, hammer-ons and pull-offs, sliding, slow strums in time and much more. We will go through a few examples and show how using these subtle expressions can transform a simple line into something grand and interesting!

Week 10

07/06/2020 at 6pm

Playing with Others

In this week’s lesson we will summarize what we have learned at the gym so far and apply all of this to jamming with others. What makes a fun jam? Is it based on technical ability? How do we listen and respond musically? How does everyone else seem to know exactly what to do and we can feel lost? Why can’t I seem to play anything I just nailed in the practice room moments ago!? How do I build a solo? These questions and more of your questions, covered.

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