Slices of Jazz

Live Guitar Course: Your weekly slice of jazz fundamentals.

This course will fulfill your weekly hunger for the jazz music. We will discuss all the necessary ingredients to make your guitar playing edible. We will season to taste with the necessary spices like common harmony, intros and outros, navigating common chord progressions, turnarounds, tags, substitutions, simple arrangements and more. This course will include both single line and chordal perspectives.

Slices of Jazz

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Slices of Jazz Guitar Course

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Date Topic

Week 1

04/27/2020 at 4pm

Scales, Chords and Basic Harmony

This is a topic that Austin gets A LOT of questions about. In this first lesson, he is going to break down a simple way to approach ALL chord progressions using three simple scales.

Week 2

05/11/2020 at 4pm

Reading Charts

This week, Austin shows us how to navigate a basic Real Book/Great American Songbook chart. Including getting used to different chord symbols etc., which chord options to use, and what and how to avoid the blue notes on a first time read through of a chart.

Week 3

05/18/2020 at 4pm

Intros and Outros

Let’s discuss several ways to start or end a tune. This includes using suspended chords, I vi ii V progressions (with substitutions) IV iv options, and other harmonic options.

Week 4

06/01/2020 at 4pm

Common Jazz Progressions

Lots of jazz tunes have common chord progressions that usually end a tune or a section. In this lesson, we'll talk about song form and various chord substitutions, including tritone substitutions.

Week 5

06/08/2020 at 4pm

Jazz Turnarounds

This lesson covers common turnarounds, including some common and fool proof turnarounds that everybody on the bandstand should know. Austin also shows us how to create our own!

Week 6

06/15/2020 at 4pm


Everyone always remembers the beginning and the end, and never the middle! Austin covers common way to create endings, and how to best use them in real situations.

Week 7

06/22/2020 at 4pm


What is a chord substitution? Are they necessary? Yes, they create flavor! This week Austin will cover tritone substitutions, diminished substitutions, diatonic substitutions and more.

Week 8

07/06/2020 at 4pm


This lesson covers simple arranging techniques for chord melodies. Austin uses Silent Night to show different arranging techniques.

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