Chord Progression of the Week

Live Guitar Course: Explore new, colorful chord progressions every week and the concepts behind them.

Whether you are a bare-bones power chord punk player or a colortone savvy jazz master, the way you construct, organize, and voice your chord progressions creates the entire harmonic landscape of a song. Over the next 10 weeks, we will look at a new chord progression in every lesson that explores different chordal concepts. In each lesson, William will break down the exact chord voicings he is using and explain how we can use voice leading to highlight the tension and resolution of our progressions. Additionally, once we have established our chord progression for the week, we'll dive into the various scales and arpeggios we can use to create colorful solos and melodies over our form.

Chord Progression of the Week

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Chord Progression of the Week Guitar Course

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Date Topic


12/31/1969 at 7pm

Week 1

07/15/2020 at 5pm

The Number System

In our first lesson, we will introduce the number system and learn how we can harmonize our major scale to find all of the chords in a given key. We will then play through a progression that walks through the chords of C Major and talk about how we can easily move this progression to another key using our number system.

Week 2

07/22/2020 at 5pm

Minor Keys

In our second lesson, we will revisit the number system, but with a focus on minor tonalities. Additionally, we will talk about how the degrees of the harmonic minor scale are often used when creating progressions in minor keys.

Week 3

07/29/2020 at 5pm


In this week’s lesson, we will look at a couple of different types of inversions and apply them to our chord progressions. Furthermore, we will discuss how we can introduce compositional elements like chromaticism and voice leading to make our songs a little more colorful!

Week 4

08/05/2020 at 5pm

Diminished Chords

In this lesson, we will discuss diminished chords and their various functions within a chord progression. We will also look at the inversions of a diminished chord and learn how we can use these to create a sense of movement in our progression.

Week 5

08/12/2020 at 5pm

Dominant Chords, Part 1

In this week’s lesson, we will start looking at the wonderful world of dominant chords and their ability to lead to new tonal centers. Additionally, we will look at the various forms of extensions that dominant chords allow us to use to color our progressions.

Week 6

08/19/2020 at 5pm

Dominant Chords, Part 2

Picking up from last week’s lesson, we will continue with a progression that makes heavy use of dominant chords, but with an emphasis on alterations and tritone substitutions.

Week 7

08/26/2020 at 5pm

Borrowed Chords

In this week’s lesson, we will look at a progression that dives into the world of borrowed chords, and allows us to create music that implies or shifts through multiple key centers.

Week 8

09/02/2020 at 5pm

Modal and Quartal Harmony

For the majority of the course, we have been exploring the world of functional harmony which relies on tension and resolution. In this week’s lesson, we will look at a progression that uses modal harmonization and quartal approaches to give a more open and modern jazz-oriented feel.

Week 9

09/09/2020 at 5pm

Modern Magic, Part 1

In this second to last lesson of the course, we will discuss a progression that utilizes the concepts we’ve covered throughout the past eight weeks to create harmony that is reminiscent of the modern Jazz, R&B, and Rock we all know and love.

Week 10

09/16/2020 at 5pm

Modern Magic, Part 2

In this final lesson, we will continue off of last week and cover a progression that utilizes all of our various reharmonization and key shifting approaches. Additionally, our progression will have some stretched and spread voicings that are reminiscent of how a piano player might approach voice leading.

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