Playing the Changes

Live Guitar Course: Come explore a world outside of your routine scale patterns, by playing the changes!

So let me guess: You know some scales, but you still feel like you’re noodling? Well there’s always the minor pentatonic, that’ll sound cool, right? But are you really playing the song at that point? What you need is to learn to play the changes. All it takes is a general understanding of how the CAGED shapes line up with the 5 pentatonic positions, and you'll be on your way! Join Dave Brown for his new live course as he walks you through everything you’ll need to know to be able to comp chords and play the changes for many popular progressions anywhere on the neck, in any key!

Playing the Changes

Begins October 7th at 3pm

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Playing the Changes Guitar Course

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Date Topic

Week 1

10/07/2021 at 3pm

The I Chord

Welcome to the wonderful world of playing changes. Step 1: Hold down a groove with the five shapes. Not only will this lesson get you up and running, it’ll also cover the basic theory you’ll need in order to understand the roman numeral system.

Week 2

10/14/2021 at 3pm

I - IV

Did you know that the IV chord’s pentatonic scale is only 1 note different from the I chord? Theory rules. Sure a one chord jam is easy, but it can get a little dull. Next step? Throw the IV chord into the mix, a recipe for such quality jams as “Feelin’ Alright” by Joe Cocker, or “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Stones among countless other classic songs.

Week 3

10/21/2021 at 3pm

I - V

Did you know that I-IV in one key is the same as I-V in another, just in reverse? Well, now you do and that’s the beauty of understanding theory. More juice, less squeeze. In today’s lesson, we’ll line up the I chord with it’s V chord, something that happens either directly or indirectly in most popular songs throughout history, but by itself will set you up nicely to jam over tracks like “Iko Iko”, “When I Paint My Masterpiece”, “Jambalaya” and of course, everyone’s favorite, “Achy Breaky Heart”.

Week 4

10/28/2021 at 3pm

IV - V

Usually when a guitar player plays a IV and V chord, they use the same shape and just move it up or down two frets. That doesn’t not work, but if you can layer two different shapes instead of shifting, you’ll thoroughly expand your knowledge of the neck as those CAGED positions really start to pop out at you. Week 4’s progression will set you up nicely to play songs like “Jailhouse” by Sublime, Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, “Jane Says” by Jane’s Addiction and “Fire on the Mountain” by the Grateful Dead.

Week 5

11/04/2021 at 3pm

I - IV - V

I mean really… How many songs are just I, IV and V? “The Joker”, “Diamonds On the Souls of Your Shoes”, “Louis Louis”, “Wild Thing”, almost every Blues ever... I could keep going, but I think you get the point. It’s worth seeing how these three chords lineup because by doing so, you’ve inadvertently learned every I-IV-V ever including those that haven’t even been written yet!

Week 6

11/11/2021 at 3pm

i and I - vi

You’ve probably been wondering about songs with minor chords in them, huh? Alright, we’ll dedicate week 6 of Playing the Changes to learning those minor shapes. Also, did you know that the vi chord’s pentatonic scale is exactly the same as the I chord’s pentatonic scale? Well now you do and if it hasn’t clicked yet, that means you won’t even have to change scale positions to address your new progression!

Week 7

11/18/2021 at 3pm

I - ii

This week’s progression works pretty well for Reggae and Americana/R&B as a 6/8 feel. Oh, and you’ve already practiced lining up these two pentatonic scales when you did I-IV because the relationship of I-vi that we discovered last week is the same relationship between IV-ii and V-iii. Theory, what doesn’t it know?

Week 8

12/02/2021 at 3pm

Minor i - iv

Another classic Reggae progression, you’ll also find i - iv...well everywhere, but besides Reggae, a minor Blues comes to mind. In week 8 of Playing the Changes, we’ll take the time to really swim in those minor shapes!

Week 9

12/09/2021 at 3pm

vi - V - IV

Week 9’s progression is brought to you by such classics as “Gimme Shelter”, “All Along the Watchtower”, the end of Stairway and even Adele’s “Rolling In the Deep”.

Week 10

12/16/2021 at 3pm

I - V - vi - IV

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the hitmaker: I-V-vi-IV… no, but for real. For this course’s final progression, we’ll check out the one that’s found everywhere from “Let It Be”, to “Don’t Stop Believing”, to “No Woman No Cry”, to almost every modern pop song and corporate jingle ever!

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