Rocksmith Review (2014)

JamPlay has been around since 2007. As is the case with any industry, competitors will come and go. We're not arrogant or nieve. Some of our competitors are pretty damn awesome. Many of them have certain features that are even better than what JamPlay has to offer. But as a whole, we still strongly feel that our hard work has paid off in helping us to achieve our goal of providing the quickest, most convenient & affordable way to improve your guitar playing. Read below for our Rocksmith 2014 review.

Rocksmith 2014 Rating: 2.5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

Our goal is for this review to be short and sweet. This won't be a full in-depth review of every aspect of the software, explaining and demonstrating every feature set. Instead, we'll just give our high-level feedback on its usefulness in the guitar education space.




Anything that gets guitars into peoples' hands is a good thing. Rocksmith has a lot of curb appeal with the Fastest Way to Learn Guitar pitch and Learn Guitar in 60 Days campaign. Sure, if you are using the software for a hour every single day for 60 days, you're going to be a lot better than when you first started. Depending on the person and your ability to adapt to their teaching method, you may even be able to play a few songs. However, we believe you're going to lack basic mandatory, fundamental knowledge. This will lead you towards developing bad habits, making it difficult to progress as a player and learn other songs.

This software is great for getting someone interested in the guitar. The gamification makes it fun and will keep the guitar in your hands - BIG bonus. Is this an effective, proper way for someone to develop long term skills and learn guitar? In our opinion, absolutely not.
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