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Austin Filingo

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Hailing from northeastern Pennsylvania, Austin Filingo grew up immersed in a wide range of music from classic rock to country to jazz. At age seven he moved to Nashville, TN and began playing guitar. A few years later, at age eleven he competed in a guitar contest at Mars music, placing first in the rock category. From that moment on, his dream was realized and he knew he wanted to pursue music as a career. In high school, guitar became Austin’s passion as he honed his s... (more)

Austin currently offers 89 guitar lessons at JamPlay, with 89 intermediate lessons.

Austin Filingo's contribution to JamPlay

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Acoustic Country

When you hear the words “country music” you probably imagine some variety of acoustic country. The lessons in this pack will give you the tools needed to make the most out of this modern style of country. Austin Filingo is here to teach you the most important rhythmic concepts and to go over the skills needed to effectively play country music on the acoustic guitar.

Folk & Americana Core Skills

If you’re interested in learning to play folk music it’s important to establish a basic understanding of the playing styles and techniques that make this genre what it is. In this course, Austin Filingo will guide you through right-hand techniques like fingerpicking, cross-picking, and hybrid picking. You’ll also learn split bars and bass notes, adding new dimensions to the same old chords you’re used to playing. Finally, you’ll put it all together with music theory concepts like intervals to fully replicate that unmistakable folk sound.

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