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Volunteers who came to our studio to give their testimonial of their user experience with our product.


Daniel played off and on since college, but has refused to give up on his journey. Recently, he tried learning online but grew frustrated with the lack of continuity. Since joining JamPlay, that is no longer an issue and he's playing more than ever.


Dale picked up guitar in college but life quickly crowded out his passion. 30 years later, his renewed interest was stifled by unorganized learning. Sick of the free sites, he discovered JamPlay and is now having fun and making progress faster.


Ronald always knew he was going to learn guitar someday. Nearing retirement, he tried in-person lessons and quickly grew frustrated. He decided to try JamPlay and a competitor for 1 year to see who he liked more. JamPlay won and he never looked back.


Jeff was taking in-person lessons but struggled with scheduling. His instructor recommended JamPlay and he's never looked back. He loves the variety of lessons and teaching tools. Jeff regularly recommends JamPlay to any guitar player he meets.

Lawson Drinkard "GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR"

Lawson took up guitar 10 years ago after a 30 year hiatus, and has been a JamPlay member ever since. A lover of many styles, he enjoys the breadth and depth of material. He believes that you get what you pay for and recommends JamPlay.


Michael started playing guitar at 9 years old. After a bad experience with in-person lessons, he got discouraged and gave up. Now he's on JamPlay and wishes he had found us sooner. He says he'll be a JamPlay member as long as he can play guitar.


Scott started in high school and played in garage bands but life eventually stopped him from playing. Now close to retirement, he has ambitions to become a street performer. He finds that JamPlay is much more motivating than other methods.


Stephen had guitar on his bucket list after retirement. After stumbling with in-person lessons and then a home study course, he found he just couldn't get help when he needed it. He appreciates the amount of effort that goes into JamPlay lessons.

Steve Lawrence "I COULDN'T DO YEARS AGO"

Steve struggled to learn guitar for many years. He has tried many different formats and programs on and offline. A guitar player friend of his recommended JamPlay so he gave it a try. He really likes learning concepts and applying them immediately.


Ed played when he was younger but life got in the way. Recently, he picked the guitar back up again. He got discouraged with books and couldn't commit to in-person lessons. With JamPlay, he's way ahead of where he started and it's all at his own pace.

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Better Business Bureau Reviews

40 A+ Reviews

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James P. James P. JamPlay Review

I have been a Jamplay member since December of 2014. Since that time I have learned and progressed so much strictly using Jamplay as my one learning source. I will remain a Jamplay member for life as there is always so much to learn and work on. It truly is the best Guitar learning website available today. I wish I could give this great company 10 stars because their Live Workshop courses are phenomenal !!! They usually are 8 or 10 week courses and they are awesome! I'm a Jamplay member for life.

Allan B. Allan B. JamPlay Review

JamPlay is fantastic, awesome and amazing!!! I am a beginner guitarist that has just begun, the lessons are clean, clear and precise with options to interact with people at Jam Play, I have already been able to play along with music, which is a personal achievement, I would not give away for almost anything. I recommend Jam Play as the go to instruction for every guitarist because the lessons are of the best quality I have experienced! Thank you Jam Play you have a lifer here!

Padric H. Padric H. JamPlay Review

Hi, My name is Padric and I am a student with JamPlay. They know me as **********, I feel a real affinity for these folks and I couldn't place it. I recognize they're pro's anyone would but that wasn't it. The instruction is both live and recorded also there are all sorts of tools and cool things to help you along. And the badges, I love the badges, they are a yard stick you can measure your progress against. It really is the best guitar learning expirience I've ever had.

Brandon P. Brandon P. JamPlay Review

Not everyone has the optimal time / monetary / geographic mobility to sign up for lessons in person with a qualified instructor. JamPlay aims to solve these issues for most with their online offerings at a cost most can afford, especially considering the incredible range of products, services and instructors they've assembled. Kudos to the entire team, and a personal thank you for providing such a well-rounded, quality online offering.

James B. James B. JamPlay Review

To be honest, I was reluctant to try JamPlay. I am so glad I did! The amount of talent that's at your fingertips is amazing! I'm at a starting over phase, and until now, I didn't realize how much I had missed as far as proper teaching and training. Having a large selection of teachers, and their own techniques, is helping me learn to play the instrument I've loved! I just wish this were available to me many years ago! Thanks JamPlay

Chris P. Chris P. JamPlay Review

Great online learning tool. I use JamPlay for learning guitar and the material is top notch... Great customer service, they are fast to respond to questions, account issues, etc. Many instructors to learn from and many levels avalible. Best money spent online in a long time, can't say enough great things about JamPlay. 5 Stars!

Philip S. Philip S. JamPlay Review

What a fantastic online experience the staff at Jamplay have provided for those looking to learn or improve their guitar skills. The instructors and lessons are thorough, easy to follow and fun. And not to forget the absolute world class customer service. Everyone on the staff who has aided me by phone or email was also terrific. The care with which they treat their customers should be the model for every company who deal with the public A++ all around.

Charles B. Charles B. JamPlay Review

JamPlay has so many choices for beginning guitar players that it can be difficult to choose. That's a great problem to have, I found two teachers that I like, one is a little more methodical than the other, but combined I found they compliment each other. There are so many wonderful tools on JamPlay, I'm really looking forward to getting the basics down so I can move on to the more advanced features. By the way, the live chat sessions are great!

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