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Blues Guitar for Beginners: Blues Theory: I - IV.. Alright, we've got our basic mechanics down. Now let's dip our toes into the theory pool with this B..
Fingerstyle Guitar for Beginners: Reading Tablat.. Few things are more daunting for a new guitar player than learning to read notation. Here, Trevor wi..
Jazz Chord Progression Practice Plan: Texas Styl.. We're getting more harmonically complicated yet again. Lesson 18 is all about the funky pairings fo..
Fingerpicking Practice Plan: Independent Thumb: .. Moving on to Section 3, curating the ability to manipulate your thumb independently from the rest of..
30 Savage Rock Licks You Must Know: Pentatonic S.. Lick 3 shreds on another Pentatonic scale.
Next Level Pentatonics: The Mighty Minor Pentato.. We take a look at using different minor pentatonic shapes to create a modal sound over a minor root ..
Legends of Blues Rock: Learn Their Tricks: Duane.. In his short time, Duane Allman single-handedly created the quintessential slide guitar sound that i..
Creating Bass Grooves: Modern Rock I: Whitewater.. Next up in the series is a look at the concepts and techniques for creating bass lines in a more com..
Creative Control: Blues Phrasing - Part 1 Next up in the Creative Control series is a look at phrasing. In part 1 you'll specifically look at..
The Language of Lead Guitar: Minor Pentatonic Sc.. To open the course, we will take a look at one of the cornerstones of lead guitar - the Minor Pentat..
30 Rock and Pop Licks You Must Know: The King's .. In lick six you'll be using a major pentatonic sound in the BB King box.
Rock Bass: Core Skills: Pedal to the Metal Things are about to get deep and heavy! In this lesson, Alex will help us apply our pedaling 8th not..
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Nothing helps you learn to play guitar like playing real music! You may have tried all the books and tab sites out there and still find yourself moving at a snail's pace. This series is designed to ..
JamPlay instructor Allen Van Wert offers up an exercise to help your string skipping and speed. Focusing on inside picking for economy, this simply exercise will help develop accuracy and speed. Bro..
This video is an archive of the live even we did with Dustin Prinz on March 31st, 2015. In this live Event Dustin plays some of his original songs, gives a rundown of the gear he uses (hint: it's real..
Join Will Ripley, a professional guitarist and teacher, on a journey through useful guitar techniques that can elevate your playing from amateur level to sounding like a pro. Be sure to check out th..
Subscribe to JamPlay and get access to Jim's full acoustic guitar course: In Jim's full course you'll learn: Avoid a commonly taught method that severely..
Get the tab here: Nick Kellie teaches a classic blues guitar lick in the key of A major. The A minor and A major pentatonic scales are used effectively tog..
JamPlay instructor and 2008 Flatpicking champion, Tyler Grant provides a lesson on the bluegrass guitar break. For more from Tyler Grant's lesson series and other bluegrass lessons, be sure to check ..
Hawkeye continues in his series, Blues Songwriting with part two of Blues Inspiration. Getting inspired is one thing, developing the inspiration into a complete song is another! Join Hawk..

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