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Back and better than ever. Another year arrives, this time with 9 completely-new toolkits for guitarists of all skill levels. Available for free with your Annual Membership, access 47 individual courses, 686 lessons, 441 JamTracks and 600 pages of tab.

New Guitarist Toolkit

Beginner Practice Plan

Establish a solid foundation for playing and practicing guitar

6 Content Packs 111 lessons 15 JamTracks

For beginner guitarists, having a solid practice plan is crucial. Learning guitar can be overwhelming and intimidating! For most people, it’s hard to know where to start. This toolkit covers all the basics while helping you understand the most fundamental skill of all: learning how to learn. Our instructors will cover simple chords and scales, strumming and singing, melodies and lead, and most importantly — how to effectively practice each of these techniques as you continue adding new ones to your playing repertoire.

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New Guitarist Toolkit

Unlocking Rhythm Guitar

Everything you need to play rhythm with confidence

6 Content Packs 100 lessons 35 JamTracks

Rhythm guitar is one of the most important skills a guitar player can master. But playing rhythm is more than just knowing a few chords. This toolkit will give you a fretboard roadmap for rhythm, an overview of percussive techniques, a practice plan, and a few alternate tunings that will help you apply rhythm to folk, rock, blues, jazz and more!

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New Guitarist Toolkit

Unlocking Lead Guitar

Build a foundation for lead guitar to advance your playing

5 Content Packs 60 lessons 60 JamTracks

For many players, lead guitar can seem out of reach. It might even feel like learning a new language. This toolkit gives you a simple foundational framework for understanding the fretboard and applying a variety of new skills so that you can easily jam with friends or even write your own melodies! You’ll learn techniques like bends, alternate picking, slides, and much more while building your understanding of basic music theory, how to practice your new skills, and how to sing along.

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New Guitarist Toolkit

Singing and Studio Essentials

Unleash your voice and capture your music with home recording

5 Content Packs 75 lessons 42 JamTracks

As a music creator, there’s true magic in bringing all the pieces together into fantastic songs, performances, and recordings. This toolkit is for every player who wants to add singing to their list of talents while bringing their music to life through home recording. You’ll even learn to properly care for and maintain your own guitar — a valuable skill for any player!

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New Guitarist Toolkit

Blues Essentials

Everything you need to play electric and acoustic blues

5 Content Packs 71 lessons 53 JamTracks

Blues guitar is one of the most popular styles of playing so of course this toolkit is jam-packed with amazing lessons. From slide guitar to electric blues, acoustic blues and more — you’ll learn common chords for blues progressions, pentatonic scales that apply to the blues, and other basics like why you might want to use an electric guitar versus an acoustic for blues. This toolkit is also an excellent supplemental resource for classic rock players.

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New Guitarist Toolkit

Rock Essentials

A journey through the many harmonic landscapes of rock music

5 Content Packs 70 lessons 72 JamTracks

Rock music is really a melting pot of many different playing styles, genres, and techniques and this guitarist toolkit covers it all! Our rock solid instructors guide your tour through funk rock, electric rock, classic rock, and acoustic rock, along with a few alternate tunings that will help you to discover new harmonic landscapes. Explore the history of players who re-shaped rock music, like Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Hazel, as you learn how to tap into revolutionary sound combinations.

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New Guitarist Toolkit

Country Essentials

Revealing what’s in the secret sauce that makes country music

5 Content Packs 71 lessons 78 JamTracks

You might think you know country, but this music style goes back further and down deeper than most folks realize with sub-genres that include everything from country blues to pop country, country waltz, rockabilly, boogie woogie and beyond. In this guitarist toolkit you’ll take a look at the history of country music and learn how to play licks that utilize techniques like travis picking, southwest guitar, hybrid picking, chicken pickin’, and more!

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New Guitarist Toolkit

Fingerstyle and Folk

Expand the melodic possibilities of your playing

5 Content Packs 63 lessons 28 JamTracks

To truly understand fingerstyle and folk music, you have to take a look back to the early roots of both of these genres. In this toolkit, we’ll go through this rich history and give you the skills to approach both playing styles with confidence. You’ll learn basic fingerpicking, harmonics, simple cowboy chords, crosspicking, alternating bass, percussive techniques, and open string strategies — everything needed to expand the melodic possibilities of your playing!

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New Guitarist Toolkit

Bass Essentials

Explore bass guitar through the lens of both blues and rock music

5 Content Packs 65 lessons 58 JamTracks

Bass guitar provides the rhythmic and harmonic foundation for pretty much any song. This toolkit includes challenging and engaging exercises for bass players of all skill levels, with lessons designed to maximize your fretboard knowledge, improve your chord comprehension, and hone your dexterity on the instrument. Explore bass guitar through the lens of both blues and rock music — from classic blues to classic rock, psychedelic rock, grunge rock and more!

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