Skill Building

Skill Building Guitar Lessons

Feeling rusty in a few areas or stuck on a certain technique? Welcome to our skill building section, where we offer full courses focusing on a particular skill, technique, or music theory application. Bridge the gap between the "forever beginner" stages. This can be thought of as a catch-all category for more focused, skill-based lessons.

78 courses 1,726 lessons

Bridge the gap and fill in weak points in your playing.

4k and 1080p

Lessons stream to your device or computer in 4k quality for newer lessons, and 1080p for a majority of our catalog.

Interactive Tabs

Tabs powered by Soundslice, the powerful interactive tab software, working natively in your browser.

Guitar Pro

Tabs are also provided in Guitar Pro and PDF formats. All tabs are fully downloadable to your devices.

Practice Help

Know what to practice after each lesson with guided suggestions, tabs, jamtracks and more.

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Of course, all courses, libraries and live courses are included with your membership.