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How to play "The Colors of Gilmour" on guitar

   Song lesson length:  15:33

Scenes in the lessons: 4

Scenes: 4


Difficulty rating:   3.5 of 5

"The Colors of Gilmour"

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Scene 1 - Gilmour and Color (5.07)


Scene 2 - Adding Color (4.86)

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Scene 3 - Working on Positions (4.01)

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Scene 4 - Working on Examples (1.62)

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David Wallimann

Guitar and color? What does this have to do with Gilmour? David Wallimann uses the concept of adding and subtracting notes or tonal "colors" to create the unique sounds of David Gilmour. You may not be using a paint set, but you will be using notes to create colorful compositions.

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