Bluegrass with Nick Amodeo

Genre and Style Guitar Course from Nick Amodeo

A sub-genre of country music which blends improvising with folk-like melodies. Pioneered by Bill Monroe in the 1930s in the "bluegrass" state. Nick will present flatpick techniques.

14 Lessons

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Course filmed with 6 cameras for the perfect angles.

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Full Course Breakdown

Starting with History, Nick will cover many aspects of Bluegrass techniques, the role of Bluegrass instruments, then move into some great Bluegrass songs.


Series Introduction

Nick Amodeo introduces the Bluegrass Series and explains what to expect in the following lessons.

2:27 Runtime

0.5 Difficulty


History and Influence of Bluegrass

Nick discusses the history of bluegrass and the influence it has had on other styles of music.

27:44 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty


Bluegrass Instruments and Influence

Nick explains the musical role that each instrument plays in a bluegrass band.

17:01 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty


Bluegrass Chords

Nick explains how to play some of the most commonly used chords in the bluegrass genre.

19:42 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty

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Right Hand Techniques

Welcome to a right hand "boot camp" with Nick Amodeo! In this lesson, Nick demonstrates several picking and strumming exercises that will whip your right hand into shape.

24:48 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Right Hand Boot Camp

Nick Amodeo continues his discussion of picking technique in this installment of right hand "boot camp."

24:33 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Crosspicking Techniques

Nick presents several exercises that develop string skipping and crosspicking technique.

23:35 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Common Bluegrass Scale Exercise

Nick covers some exercises and scales that develop left hand technique.

33:15 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Bluegrass Ornaments

Nick explains how to play various slurs such as slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Also included are some common bluegrass licks that utilize these techniques.

30:54 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Bluegrass Right Hand Rhythm

Nick covers some basic bluegrass strumming patterns.

12:23 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Left Hand Boot Camp

Nick covers some of the most commonly used scale patterns in bluegrass.

31:45 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Nine Pound Hammer

Nick applies fundamental guitar techniques from previous lessons to the song "Nine Pound Hammer."

31:39 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Texas Gales

Nick demonstrates his interpretation of "Texas Gales." You might say this one will blow you away!

38:30 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Cross Picking: Home Sweet Home

Nick teaches the song "Home Sweet Home" and uses it to demonstrate cross picking techniques. Nick also covers the chords, and a chord with melody version to correspond with a picked version he has created.

57:24 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty

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  • Denver, CO
  • Playing since 1980
  • 43 lessons at JamPlay
Nick Amodeo is a multi-instrumentalist based out of Denver, Colorado. A self taught musician, he took up guitar at age 12 before moving on to mandolin and electric bass. He is the 2005 Colorado state mandolin champion, and was featured on the 2007 Downbeat magazine Blues Album of the Year, Otis Taylor’s “Definition of a Circle.”

Nick has shared the stage with such artists as Buddy Guy, Chuck Campbell, Mollie O’Brien, Nick Forster and Pete Wernick of Hot Rize, and many others. Nick currently is the mandolin department at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado and has over 10 years teaching experience.

Reviews & Feedback 86/100 with 86 ratings

Very good explanations Thanks mike


Diggin' it, buuddy!!!


Great explanation of up and down strokes and what finger to use on slides.


I enjoy the teaching. Clear and concise. I have trouble at times improvising bluegrass solos, but I was able to learn this quickly and can now apply the licks and scale play to other melodies to make new melodic solos. Thanks!




Looking forward to learn more as a newbie to Bluegrass!! Thanks for excellent intro & history...lays a good foundation for me anyways. :-) Bear