Fingerstyle Guitar

Genre and Style Guitar Course from Marcelo Berestovoy

Marcelo Berestovoy returns to JamPlay with his Fingerstyle Guitar series. Learn the style of the greats like Merle Travis and Chet Atkins with Marcelo's one step at a time method.

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Learn fingerstyle guitar with Marcelo Berestovoy! Marcelo uses his one step at a time method to take you from novice to expert in no time!


Series Introduction

Marcelo welcomes you to his Fingerstyle Guitar series.

5:13 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


Fingerstyle One Step at a Time

In this lesson, Marcelo teaches us the foundation of his whole fingerstyle series. Learn each step to the classic Travis-style picking pattern, and before you know it, you will be sounding like a pro!

17:21 Runtime

1.5 Difficulty


12 Bar Fingerpicking Etude

Taking each of the fingerstyle steps, Marcelo now puts them into a 12 bar etude to get the most out of your practice time!

6:51 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty

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Fingerpicking Different Chord Shapes

So far, Marcelo has had you concentrate on fingerpicking over the same shapes of chords. Now, he's going to show you how to take what you know, and apply it over many different chord shapes.

15:20 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Fingerpicking with Melody

Now that you've got a good grasp of the fingerpicking pattern over chords, it's time to add a melody line on top of the progression!

13:03 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


The Sheik of Araby - Fingerpicking Lesson

Marcelo has played this stellar original arrangement of the standard tune, "The Sheik of Araby" for years. Now, here he is to teach you his version, incorporating the fingerstyle techniques you've already learned in this series!

18:12 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Reverse Arpeggios

Fingerpicking arpeggios in a forward manner is a natural motion for most of us. In this lesson, Marcelo takes on the less comfortable motion of playing arpeggios in the reverse motion.

14:28 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Horizontal Intervals Etude

This is a great exercise that will train you to use only certain fingers on your fingerpicking hand.

7:40 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Song Lesson - Solace

Marcelo now teaches us his original fingerstyle arrangement of the classic Scott Joplin song, "Solace".

22:24 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Right Hand Technique

What is the difference between free strokes and rest strokes? Marcelo teaches a great lesson here on the difference between the two and focuses on how to get the most out of the rest stroke technique!

12:45 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty

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  • Dallas, TX
  • Playing since 1982
  • 198 lessons at JamPlay
This Latino artist, composer and guitarist, has inspired a new musical trend that he has called “Southern World Music”. This innovative mix of sounds is a blend of the tango from Argentina, flamenco from the south of Spain, and several musical styles from Southern California. Marcelo has done live presentations and recorded with artists like Ricky Martin, Selena, Leon Gieco, Daniela Romo, Sergio Arau and Bebu Silvetti to name a few. In television, he accompanied stars such as Jorge Moreno, Grammy Award winner in 2002 in the “Best New Artist” category. He also composed the song “Gitano Corazon”, recorded by Natalia Oreiro in her album “Tu Veneno”. This album was nominated in the Latino Grammy Award 2001 in the category of “Best Female Pop Album”. He is co-author of the song “One Heart” with Steven Segal, Larry King and Tommy Coster. His musical talent has been shown in movies including “Dirt”, “The Mexican”, “Un Pedazo de Tierra” and “Paulie”. He has participated in television shows, concerts and kick-off parties for movies like “Mission Impossible II” and “The Disapearance of Garcia Lorca”.

Marcelo was born and raised in Argentina. He says he felt a passion for the music since he was about 11 years old when he started to take guitar lessons. His father had a lot of influence in his love for music. Together they used to play the songs that Marcelo wrote. His father always took him to listen to jazz. At this time, listening to jazz gave Marcelo another perspective since he was a rock fanatic. His motivation was first the Beatles and then Charly and Spinetta “the skinny”. Marcelo recalls that by the age of 18, he was playing in different places throughout Buenos Aires, Argentina. He would play four to five nights a week with different groups or to accompany solo singers.

His decision to come to Los Angeles was motivated by his interest in jazz. In 1985, he came to study to GIT and he never returned to Argentina. Marcelo currently lives in Los Angeles, California with his lovely wife and son. He performs live at several local places. In addition to playing the guitar and composing, Marcelo teaches in the “Musicians Institute”, one of the most prestigious in the music world.
Reviews & Feedback 98/100 with 353 ratings

A new beginning for me!!!!


All 3 points -- good teach, easy to understand and exactly what I was looking for.


All of the above!!!!


Marcelo is very clear with his intent and instruction. I don't feel lost with him.


Easy to understand as well.


excellent interactive supplemental material


Excellent teacher - really like his approach. Also, the musical notation along with tabs is excellent.


Excellent teacher.


Excellent! Thank you Master


Feeling much more confident and excited with fingerstyle prospects after just one lesson!


First time I felt this inspired was reading the assembly instructions for my first sex doll.


Good teacher! Good overview of fingers. Nice person.


Good teacher. Helpful


Talented guitarist; excellent teacher


Great teacher


Great teacher too. Thanks


Great teacher... love the choice of music. Will love learning this.


He is thorough


He knows very organized, analyzed way of practice.


he's thourough


I like MArcello's teaching style and all the little extras he throws in


This just gets better and better


I like this teacher. Marcelo makes you feel so comfortable while learning fingerstyle. I am complete beginner to fingerstyle guitar. He breaks it down and makes it very easy to understand, It's exactly the type of teaching style that I enjoy an


I liked the encouragement of one step at a time method and "as long as you can hold a C chord" you can benefit


I started learning right from the beginning and I joined JamPlay for this exact reason. Marcelo is a great instructor and gives very clear guidance. I will definitely stick with him through this series.


I'm enjoying all these wonderful chord progressions :) Been looking for progressions like these. Thanks a lot!


It's not only easy to understand, but easy to apply. I don't like the teacher. I love him! x'D


Just needed an update of the sheet (few errors)


just what I have been looking for I really enjoy these lessons hope I can get more lessons from Marcelo when I have completed this course


Just what I need !!!

robert marshe

Liked the lesson on nylon stringed instrument as I just bought one to make practice easier on my chording hand.

Jon Wedel

Love me some Marcello!!!!


marcello is a brilliant guitarist / teacher


Marcelo has great personality and style and support innovative/creative playing. THANK YOU MARCELO!!!


Marcelo is an excellent teacher. It’d be great to see more lessons by him.


Marcelo is the man. Tell him I said so! :)


Moves at a easy pace but informative as it goes


Nice. I do a more classical arrangement of this wonderful piece. I'm going to try yours, which looks nice, will let you know how it comes out for me.

pj boatwright

One step at a time, building on what you learned in the last lesson.


Thank you Marcelo !!!


The teacher is both very good at bringing the lesson to life making the lessons interresting as well as illustrating the lesson material in such a way that makes it easy even for me to comprehend. Great work


This lesson and approach is perfect for me. I am super motivated to continue with this series. Thank you!


This teacher rocks. He s able to present the material in such a simple, easy to follow manner. I hope to see more of his courses in the near future :)


Very helpful.