Smooth Jazz with Nick Kellie

Genre and Style Guitar Course from Nick Kellie

Nick Kellie covers the smooth jazz concept as it relates to guitar playing.

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In this lesson series, Nick Kellie will delve into smooth jazz and how it differs from traditional jazz styling.


Smooth Jazz Series Introduction

Nick Kellie is starting a new Smooth Jazz series! In this lesson series he will cover key concepts to playing in this style, as well as how it differs from traditional forms of Jazz.

2:53 Runtime

0.5 Difficulty



Nick Kellie demonstrates the octave shapes and how they are utilized in the smooth jazz style of playing.

11:06 Runtime

1.5 Difficulty



Nick Kellie demonstrates commonly used rhythmic and melodic ornaments in the smooth jazz style.

4:07 Runtime

1.5 Difficulty


Chromatic Enclosures

Nick Kellie explains how to encircle a target tone with upper and lower chromatic neighbor tones. This melodic technique is used frequently in all jazz styles.

4:45 Runtime

0.5 Difficulty



Nick Kellie demonstrates arpeggios as they relate to smooth jazz playing.

8:02 Runtime

0.5 Difficulty



Nick Kellie demonstrates and discusses how to use the techniques he has taught in the context of an improvised solo.

3:42 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty

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Jazz Blues

In this lesson, Nick discusses how to implement a jazz blues into your playing.

13:30 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty

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  • Playing since 1992
  • 155 lessons at JamPlay
Nick was awarded the BBC Big Band Jazz awards "John Dankworth trophy for outstanding young soloist" and recorded a special show for BBC radio 2. He was invited to become a member of the Wigan Jazz Orchestra, and has played as part of the Wigan International Jazz Festival. He has played extensive gigs which include accompaniment, reading, soloing as well as styles ranging from Soul, R&B, Blues, Rock and Jazz in locations such as London, Norway, Germany and Greece.

Nick, with his professional approach towards music, brings enthusiasm and musicality to every project he is involved with. As well as being a guitarist Nick is also a fine vocalist and can sing lead vocals as well as backing vocals.

In London Nick has been involved with many projects such as Fresh Claim, which features Nick on guitar, and Jon Plotel on Bass (Billy Ocean, The Real Thing) and Vanessa Haynes band featuring members of Jeff Beck group, Eric Clapton’s Band and Allan Holdsworth’s Band. For a time Nick resided in Nashville TN where he played with many local musicians. In addition he also played in a Jazz Fusion band named "Shammah", with whom he has recorded an album.

Most recently Nick was signed to Digital Nations - part of Steve Vai's record label and has recorded an album entitled "For A Brother" with his band "Nick Kellie Band". Upon hearing the album, Steve contacted Nick with regard to a release on his own label. It has been released in the USA, Europe and Asia. As well as this, Nick is also an endorsee of Elixir guitar strings, which are world-renowned.

Nick Also contributed to around 21 issues of Europe's biggest selling guitar magazine - "Total Guitar" in his series of articles, "Techniques of the rich and famous" and "Steal their style".

Having taught at Europe's top two guitar schools, Nick was also appointed as head of the guitar department at Guitar Getaways.
Reviews & Feedback 95/100 with 76 ratings

Another great and totally usable little lesson from Nick.


Good teacher also


He could mention which artistes fall into this genre in the intro, perhaps.


It's interesting.. sometimes it takes time to consume information.. sometimes the fingers aren't ready.. sometimes the mind needs simply time. But, in all cases, it needs to be presented in a way that it can be consumed. This has been accompl


My goal here will be learning w.m.'S Bumping on Sunset...great first lesson ...thanks. mike