Improvising with Mini Arpeggios

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Paul Musso's mini arpeggios series will get you prepared for jazz improvisation starting with the basic building blocks.

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We'll take a look at Paul's approach to Jazz Improvisation, which will employ the mini arpeggio over a variety of different chord progressions.


Series Introduction

Paul Musso offers another great series in the jazz genre. This time, you will be learning the basic building blocks of jazz improvisation with mini arpeggios. Paul dives right in with the 10 basic arpeggio shapes to get you started.

19:49 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Mini Arpeggios Over a Blues Progression

In his newest lesson, Paul Musso plays mini arpeggios over a G jazz blues progression. He briefly reviews the progression and goes over the arpeggio etude step by step. Then, he plays it slowly and in time.

10:44 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty

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Approach Tones

Paul Musso discusses how to use approach tones to make mini arpeggio lines more interesting. He talks about the 4 basic approach tones and how they apply.

10:15 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Lots of Licks

In this lesson, Paul looks at several licks that utilize mini arpeggios. You will also take a look at the whole step approach tones he mentioned in the previous lesson.

32:31 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Improvising Over ii-V-I Progressions

In lesson five, Paul Musso introduces more great licks and discusses improvising over ii-V-I progressions with mini arpeggios.

22:12 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Combining Mini Arpeggios with Scales

Paul Musso looks at combining mini arpeggios with scales. He emphasizes that good improvisations should involve a seamless combination of scales and arpeggios.

21:01 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Ultimate Mini Arpeggio Challenge

Paul Musso invites you to take the ultimate mini arpeggio challenge. You will be playing over a random series of chords using mini arpeggios and a metronome.

14:12 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty

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  • Denver, Colorado
  • Playing since 1973
  • 14 lessons at JamPlay

Paul Musso is an Assistant Professor and Area Head of Music Performance in the Music and Entertainment Industry Studies Department at the University of Colorado Denver. Paul is a freelance guitarist and has performed throughout the Colorado area with many diverse ensembles including the Colorado Symphony, the Boulder Festival Orchestra, the Aspen Music Festival, and the Westcliff Jazz Festival. Paul has also performed throughout Europe, Mexico and the United States.
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A really nice lesson.


All of the above. Easy to grasp what he is saying, good teaching style!


All three choices!


Amazing teacher! I wish he had more material on this site.


Great was to explore the fretboard.


Very good.


Great in depth practical use. I got a lot out of this lesson.


great teacher! explains some fairly complex concepts in a simple to understand manner. Great examples too!


Great way to look at arpeggios - simple idea but I never really thought about this before - simple ideas with endless possibilities - great!!!!


I'm trying different lessons and teachers with the ultimate goal of playing the sounds of Jazz. . .I think this is a good foundation place to continue. I'm on my third year of lessons starting from scratch.


Keeps it simple. My level :)


Lots of content in a short time. Yet, together with the supplemtental content it was easy to follow.


Well organized lessons Thank you!


Presented well. Easy to understand. Great lesson.


This is fantastic, I've been playing for 25 years and have never heard these explained so simply and well. Thank you! Micaela Kingslight


Very clear and easy to understand and implement. I like how after Paul explained the concepts he gave a very clear and easy "do this next" assignment before proceeding to the next lesson. Thanks Paul!


Very clear and professional .... very good theory and practice


very good intro to azz imp