Legends of Blues Rock: Learn Their Tricks

Explore and master the expressive techniques of 20 guitar legends of blues rock.

What do Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Chuck Berry, Jeff Beck, Keith Richards, Albert King, Joe Perry and Duane Allman all have in common? They developed a signature guitar sound and their phrasing and lick techniques became legendary. Beginning with Chuck Berry and traversing up to present day artists such as Angus Young and Joe Perry, you'll learn the signature techniques of 20 blues rock legends. Mastering their tricks will help you take your guitar playing to the next level!

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Meet Jeffery Marshall

Jeffery Marshall has been a staple of the L.A. music scene for more than 30 years. Jeff left his humble upbringings in Northern Michigan to attend Hollywood's own Musicians Institute in 1989. Upon graduating, he played in a variety of bands, one of which included Hardware featuring Tod Howarth of Frehley's Comet, Ted Nugent and Cheap Trick fame. Jeff has gone on to tour with artists such as prog rock legend Alan Parsons and American Idol runner-up Bo Bice, as well as various Nashville artists, and has shared the stage with the likes of Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw and Dwight Yoakum, to name a few. In addition to releasing his own material, Jeff has produced and recorded countless sessions for numerous artists across multiple music genres for the past 20 years.

In 2006 he returned to L.A. and began teaching at the renowned Musicians Institute, Guitar Institute of Technology where he currently resides as a full-time instructor. Jeffery teaches a variety of core classes including Single String Improv, Rhythm Guitar, Guitar Studio Skills, Rhythm Section Workshop, as well as private lessons. He has also written articles and created instructional YouTube videos for Guitar World Magazine. Jeff stays busy performing with his blues band Bleeding Harp, composing music for the Discovery Network, recording solo material, and teaching every style of popular music from rock to country, jazz and blues. Jeff can also be seen playing live with guitar phenom Jeff Kollman in his solo group The Jeff Kollman Band and jazz/metal fusion band Cosmosquad at the world famous Baked Potato.

Legends of Blues Rock: Learn Their Tricks

Signature Techniques of 20 Blues Rock Legends

This course will give you insight into the emotion, sound, style, and phrasing of the Blues Rock legends so you can incorporate their tricks into your playing. Intermediate and Advanced players will love learning new ways to sound expressive and original.

This course offers 25 lessons covering 8+ hours of material in step-by-step, digestible presentation.

Lessons in this Course

Introduction to: Legends of Blues Rock: Learn their Tricks

Jeffery Marshall introduces us to: "Legends of Blues Rock: Learn their Tricks"

3:38 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


Chuck Berry

Let's get the course underway with the man who started it all - Mr. Chuck Berry. In this lesson, Jeffery will discuss the "baked-in" performance aspects of Chuck's playing that would go on to inspire generations of players.

21:46 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Albert King

Living up to his namesake, Albert King established himself as a preeminent Bluesman of his era. Here, Jeffery will discuss the techniques that set King apart from his contemporaries including his use of the "riff", which was a departure from the traditional 12-bar Blues.

23:59 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Keith Richards

While he's not the flashiest player on our list, Keith Richards has made his mark with his swagger and style. In this lesson, Jeffery will discuss key aspects of Keith's playing including his use of open tunings.

23:14 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Jimi Hendrix

Not many players are as synonymous with the electric guitar as Jimi Hendrix. Arguably one of the best to ever pick up the instrument, Jimi's techniques could cover an entire course. Here, Jeffery will discuss a couple of the techniques that helped create the legendary sound such as thumb-over neck chord manipulation and stacked fifths!

23:25 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton carved out his legacy during a time of guitar playing revolution. Let's join Jeffery as he discusses a few of Eric's 'bread and butter" skills that helped define one of the most recognizable sounds in Blues and Rock.

18:27 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Robin Trower

After the tragic early passing of Jimi Hendrix, few players were able to step in and fill the void as well as Robin Trower. In this lesson, Jeffery will cover a few of the techniques that allowed Robin to pick up the mantle, including his use of chord embellishments via sixths, and his trademark Uni-vibe sound.

17:50 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Duane Allman Slide Guitar

In his short time, Duane Allman single-handedly created the quintessential slide guitar sound that influenced a generation. Here, Jeffery will cover a few of the key skills that helped Duane develop his trademark sound.

17:20 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Dickey Betts

Often overshadowed by the talent and loss of Duane Allman, Dickey Betts had a unique approach and laid-back feel that proved to be the perfect complementary fit for the Allman's classic sound.

14:38 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Jeff Beck: Part 1

Few players have turned the instrument of electric guitar on its head more than Jeff Beck. His revolutionary use of the floating tremolo or "whammy" bar pushed the electric guitar into new sonic territory. Let's follow Jeffery as he covers a few of the unique skills from this maverick player.

18:26 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Jeff Beck: Part 2

Continuing our exploration of Jeff Beck, here Jeffery will discuss some of the more percussive tremolo techniques that made Jeff Beck one of the all-time greats!

16:49 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Train Kept A-Rollin'

We all have that one go-to favorite guitar solo! In this lesson, Jeffery covers one of the solos that helped set his course on electric guitar, the classic: "Train Kept a Rollin".

18:19 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Billy Gibbons

Time to head on down to that Texas town! The swagger of Texas Blues abounds as Jeffery covers some of the signature sounds of Billy Gibbons, who brought a harder edge to traditional Blues that helped bring the genre to a more mainstream rock audience.

22:17 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


'Messin' with the Kid'

Here is a take on a foundational Blues song that set the course for the genre. "Messin' with the Kid" was originally recorded by Junior Wells, and featured the legendary Buddy Guy on guitar!

19:30 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Ritchie Blackmore

Ritchie Blackmore was a key player in moving the Blues into the arena of Rock. With the use of his trademark inverted root 5th chords he used the Blues to create such legendary songs as "Smoke on the Water" and "Highway Star". Let's join Jeffery as he covers a few of Ritchie's key techniques.

19:36 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


David Gilmour

David Gilmour may not be known as a player with particularly blinding speed or flashy technique, but he is known for being one of the deepest and most emotional players of his time. With his precise soulful bending and phrasing that tugs at emotions, his playing has stood the test of time and is a rite of passage for players and music enthusiasts to this day! In this lesson, Jeffery will flesh out a few of the techniques behind some of David's most iconic solos.

15:37 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Frank Marino

One of the more "under the radar" players on our list is the great Frank Marino. With his band "Mahogany Rush", he helped to maintain a touch of the psychedelic Hendrix-era playing with his use of octave shapes and minor pentatonic licks to inspire many current players such as Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert, and Joe Bonamassa.

20:32 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan. This monster from Texas' reputation proceeds him. In his short time, he and his band 'Double Trouble' managed to bring a more traditional Texas Blues sound to the radio waves, but with a more aggressive swagger stemming from the way that Stevie would attack his instrument!

18:50 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty

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Gary Moore

During his career, Gary Moore managed to span the full genre spectrum. Starting with his first bands 'Skid Row' and 'Thin Lizzy', he went on to cover everything from the Blues to Hard Rock to Fusion. Here, Jeffery will dissect a few of Gary's key licks that he used to ascend and descend the full fretboard!

21:49 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Jimmy Page

James Patrick Page ascended directly from his Blues roots in his first band, The Yardbirds, to form one of the most iconic bands in the history of music - the mighty Led Zeppelin. In this lesson, Jeffery will take a look at some of the techniques that are central to the sound that has, and will continue to be, an influence on musicians and music enthusiasts alike.

18:17 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Robben Ford

In this lesson, Jeffery will dive into a few of the skills that have allowed Robben Ford to collaborate with some of the most iconic names in music. Over the years he has been a pivotal influence, opening up players to a more sophisticated sound of blues.

20:04 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Joe Walsh

Aside from the time spent with the iconic band, The Eagles - Joe Walsh has fostered a successful solo career while also becoming a prolific session player for some of the biggest names in music. Here, Jeffery will show a few of the laid-back and soulful techniques that have helped curate Joe's signature sound.

23:27 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Angus Young

Angus Young has brought us his brash, hard rock-infused blues for decades now. AC/DC's use of simple open "cowboy chords" to lay down thick, rocking foundations has allowed for his high octane soloing and showmanship. In this lesson, Jeffery will dissect a few of the skills that have been key to Angus' playing.

24:24 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Current Pentatonic Masters

Here, Jeffery will bring us into the modern era to touch on a few of the skills incorporated by current blues masters, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Gales, and Eric Johnson to create a faster style of pentatonic playing.

26:45 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Three Takes

To close out the course, Jeffery will take a popular E Dorian lick and look at it through the lens of three iconic Bluesmen: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa, and Michael Landau.

19:55 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty