Theory and Improvisation with David Wallimann

Skill Building Guitar Course from David Wallimann

David Wallimann will cover all of the topics necessary master the art of improvisation. He will cover theory, including intervals, scales and modes as well as techniques to improve ones improvisation.

13 Lessons

Complete course with step-by-step lessons and practice examples.


Course filmed with 6 cameras for the perfect angles.

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Full Course Breakdown

David will cover intervals, scales, modes, theory and other techniques related to improvisation.


Understanding Intervals

Before one can truly understand music theory the concept of intervals must be introduced. This lesson covers that topic in great depth.

27:40 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty

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Minor Pentatonic Scale

David teaches the minor pentatonic scale. He explains its scale formula, various fretboard positions, and how it can be used.

20:03 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Major Pentatonic Scale

David Wallimann moves on to cover the the major pentatonic scale. He teaches its scale formula, all five patterns, and gives advice on how the scale can be used.

9:46 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


The Blues Scale

In this lesson, David covers both the minor and major blues scales. He explains the formulas and patterns for each scale. In addition, David has included a backing track for you to play along with.

9:08 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Minor Modes

David Wallimann introduces three minor modes. In this lesson he covers Dorian, Phrygian and Aeolian modes.

11:37 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Major Modes

David Wallimann covers three major modes in this lesson. He covers the Ionian, Lydian and Mixolydian modes.

8:53 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


The Locrian Mode

David Wallimann introduces the Locrian mode. He explains its formula in terms of scale degrees as well as its five fretboard patterns. A few fun arpeggio-based ideas are also demonstrated.

20:37 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


The Magic Formula

David Wallimann teaches a magic formula that will allow you to play each of the modes up and down the entire fretboard. He also teaches some exercises to help cement this knowledge.

11:49 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Classifying Modes

David Wallimann talks about how modes can be classified and thus used in a musical context. This is a valuable wrap-up lesson to the mini-series on modes.

13:24 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Creating Chord Progressions

David Wallimann explains how to write diatonic chord progressions. This lesson features excellent practical music theory.

12:07 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Easy Outside Tricks

David Wallimann teaches a valuable fusion guitar technique that he calls "Easy Outside Tricks."

8:31 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Playing Modal with Pentatonic Scales

David Wallimann demonstrates how minor pentatonic scales can be used when improvising over the minor modes.

22:03 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Playing Modal with Major Pentatonic Scales

David Wallimann shows how the major pentatonic scale can be used in modal playing.

11:13 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty

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  • Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Playing since 1992
  • 54 lessons at JamPlay
David was born in Aix-en-Provence, South France in 1977. At the age of 15, he picked up the guitar and started developing a true love for instrumental music and composition.

In 1999 he was recognized by Ibanez for his promising musical achievements and received an artist endorsement. That early recognition in David's musical career encouraged him to consecrate more time on crafting his musical art and apply to the school of modern music Artist' in Cavaillon, France. He received a full scholarship there where he graduated with honors.

In 2001, David won first place for the Tal Farlow French national jazz contest which gave him a full paid scholarship to the CMA school of modern music in Valenciennes, France. He graduated specializing in advanced guitar with honors.

Following his school years, David spent the next 5 years working with several bands recording, writing and playing shows in France and Belgium. It's during that time that Wallimann was exposed to the world of progressive rock which opened new doors to his musical creativity.

Deep inside the Mind is his first release as a solo artist in which he exposes his Christian faith. The album was well received in the specialized press and was compared several times to some of Frank Zappa's approach to music adding an element of humor to deep subjects.

In 2005 he joined the internationally renowned progressive band Glass Hammer based in Chattanooga, TN. He released several studio albums and live DVDs with the band.

Reviews & Feedback 93/100 with 220 ratings

This whole lesson 1 is perfect. I learned more in few minutes than many months of trying to understand guitar theory!. David is very easy to understand and we just clicked for understanding.


All of the above


All of the above choices !!! Awesome tutorial on intervals!!! Thanks a lot!!!


This has really helped me understand the fretboard and the 5 Pentatonic positions.


But for this Lesson or course he choose the wrong guitar, hard to visualize the position (no dots )


David is a great teacher, explains the theory well and is easy to follow. Awesome!


David is an excellent teacher and speaks in terms a musical theory novice like my self, can understand.


David Wallimann is a great instructor, but he outdid himself in this video. I have seen too many videos where people discuss modes, play the scale, and then hit a quick chord. David is the first to explain what chords complement each mode and m


David walliman explains in a way that's relatable.


David Wallimann is a brilliant teacher! His lessons are well planned and executed as he methodically teaches new concepts while building on previously taught concepts. All in a calm and intelligent manner.


David's videos are great overall.


Essential concepts explained in an easy and clear way


Solid foundation in intervals!


Great explanation


Great information


Great lesson. Made it very easy to understand. Thank you!

bert tougas

I am really impressed with the backing tracks as they make even me sound decent! Bert


I just had a "light bulb" above my head with this lesson. Thanks David


I need to click all 3 buttons. Perfect teaching method. Just the right amount of playing mixed with speaking!


I never understood what 3rds and 5ths ect were he very clearly explains it


I really gained a new understanding of the Scales, Intervals and they relate to each other. It filled in what I have been missing and connected the dots for me.


I really like David Wallimann's teaching style, wish he would come back and create more lessons. I have gone through his lessons many times and learned a lot. This class is easy to understand, but most importantly, it's just what I needed. It's


I've been playing and producing for over 40 years. David is the first and only explanation regarding modes and scales that made sense and stuck. Thanks so much


love your stuff Dave.


Modes are still eluding my grasp, but it is something I will get down.


Nicely done.


Perfectly challenging. Obviously knows his stuff. I'm glad my first series with Jamplay was his. I joined for a year. Fantastic instructor. Thanks David.


Really breaks it down!


Really nice theory well broken down relative to other teachers who mix things up


Should help add flavor to the pentatonic scales


Thank You for the inspiration.


Thanks very much. I enjoyed your lesson.


The bullet statements should all, one, or two be able to be checked. For example, all of the above are true for me, and being restricted to checking off just one box is only a partial truth and infers the other two are somehow less valid or tru


This lesson really helped me to understand the use of modes. Thank you David. I will be watching this lesson a few times before moving on.


Very clear about what he's talking about.


Very good Teacher. But in the end I Think he could do a whole improvisation to demo everything that was shown over the course.


Walliman is terrific.