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Effortless Guitar With Dave Isaacs.

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Effortless Guitar With Dave Isaacs.


Effortless Guitar Primer

JamPlay welcomes David Isaacs to our teacher roster. With his first lesson Dave explains his approach to playing guitar with a focus on efficiency of motion.

10:06 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty

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Left Hand Technique

Dave Isaacs takes a look at left hand technique with this lesson. He explains how the hand works with the neck and fretboard and corrects some common mistakes most beginners and intermediate level players make.

10:00 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty


Flat Picking Technique

In this lesson, David Isaacs explains the mechanics of picking with a flat pick. He shows the differences between using your arm and wrist for the picking motion.

9:39 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty


The Drummer In Your Right Hand

Dave Isaacs teaches right hand rhythms with this lesson for solo acoustic guitar. He explains that when playing by yourself you need to make up for the lack of other instruments by spicing up your right hand strumming.

7:47 Runtime

1.5 Difficulty


Building Chords From Scales

Dave teaches you how to open up the fretboard by learning chords built from scales. In this lesson and most lessons in his series, Dave assumes that the student knows the major and minor scales as well as basic chord concepts.

8:48 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Economical Chord Changes

Building upon his last lesson, Dave shows you some ways to change between chords efficiently. This lesson is aimed at self-taught intermediate players but may benefit beginners as well.

7:32 Runtime

1.5 Difficulty


Barre Chords

Dave Isaacs continues his lessons on chord technique with this lesson on barre chords (also known as bar chords). In this lesson he shows simple but effective ways to play barre chords efficiently. He also shows you how to play some common chord progressions with these techniques.

9:42 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


Non-Diatonic Chord Progressions

Dave shows you how to connect a chord together in a progression even if it is not in the same diatonic key of the progression. In this lesson Dave assumes you have some basic knowledge of scale and chord theory. Beginners may get something out of this but it is aimed at intermediate players.

9:42 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Fingerstyle Technique

David Isaacs explores the intricacies of fingerstyle picking and the different methods that can be used. He explains how your right hand works while fingerpicking and how to find what works for you.

21:31 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Adding Melody To Your Arpeggio Patterns

Dave Isaacs shows you how to add melody lines to your fingerstyle arpeggio progressions. As with all his lessons in this series a certain amount of knowledge is assumed and Dave focuses on helping you become more efficient with this concept.

7:37 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Effective Practice Habits For Adults

Dave lays out his life long experiences related to practicing and guitar. If you have limited time to practice and want to get the most out of your time, you need to watch this lesson.

8:30 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty

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Dave Isaacs Group

  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Playing since 1980
  • 478 lessons at JamPlay
Nashville-based Dave Isaacs has made a name for himself as one of Music City's top guitar instructors, working with both professional and aspiring songwriters and artists at his Music Row teaching studio. He is also an instructor in the music department at Tennessee State University and is the coordinator and artistic director of the annual TSU Guitar Summit.

A seasoned performer as well, Dave has released eight independent CDs and gigs steadily as a solo artist, bandleader, and sideman. He continues to write, record, and perform as well as arranging and producing projects for other artists.

Reviews & Feedback 96/100 with 191 ratings

all of the above many thanks


Analogy is awesome and the delivery hits home. Great lesson David!


The lesson was very clear, and I have struggled with pick work. This helped a lot.


David Isaacs is one of my favorite instructors on JamPlay. His easy-going manner helps me to focus and he isolates problems in manageable bits. Excellent and thanks. Cheers - Frank


Down to Earth approach.


Excellent advice!!!


Excellent lesson. I could easily follow his instruction. Has an excellent voice and delivery. He's relaxing to listen to.


Great general advice on practice problems


I have not seen this information anywhere else. Great stuff.


I like how you go in to detail


I love the live: "We're trying to make this structure, the human body, make friends with this structure, [the guitar]" That's brilliant.


I think it matches all three options.


Very clear explanations as well :)


I've recently been using the last example, starting the A major scale with my pointer finger, as a warmup to stretch my reach. This lesson was so instructive and inspirational on the potential of learning scales and chords. Thank you, David!!

Donnie Adams

jamplay has got some very good teacher's David and the others make it easy to understand and i really thank y'all very much.


Kind of a tease, as David just touches n the topic, but a good introduction to the concept.


Very good I really connect with what David is saying and the point he is making


Really helpful instructions concerning the position of each finger and how to change positions. It helps me a lot to play barre chords better.


Teacher revealed so much about scales in one short lesson.


Thank you!


The techniques in this video were amazingly helpful


This is very good lesson, i really enjoy it


Tried to click all three but couldn't. I'd just like to thank David for his teaching method. It's very technical and might seem a bit slow to some people, but I really appreciate how far he breaks everything down. I never thought I'd be playing


very cool jam for effortless guitar lesson 1primer .. i want to try to learn some of this


Yes, I like the teacher, he is easy to understand, I found this lesson extremely useful and valuable, and it took less than 4 minutes! Awesome! Thanks David. !