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How to play "Take This Job And Shove It" on guitar

   Song lesson length:  26:00

Scenes in the lessons: 5

Scenes: 5


Difficulty rating:   2.0 of 5

"Take This Job And Shove It"

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Scene 1 - Song Demonstration (2.7)


Scene 2 - About This Lesson (1.38)

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Scene 3 - Acoustic Guitar Parts (11.79)

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Scene 4 - Electric Guitar Parts (9.2)

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Scene 5 - Performance And Tone Notes (1.75)

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DJ Phillips

Here is "Take This Job and Shove It," which was written by David Allan Coe and made popular by Johnny Paycheck. This song has relatively simple acoustic and electric parts, but the timing may give beginners trouble. Thankfully DJ Philips walks us through everything nice and slow.

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