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How to play "Blackbird for Solo Guitar" on guitar

   Song lesson length:  41:23

Scenes in the lessons: 5

Scenes: 5


Difficulty rating:   3.5 of 5

"Blackbird for Solo Guitar"

Learn to play Blackbird for Solo Guitar by The Beatles on guitar. As a JamPlay member, you get unlimited access to this song lesson as well as hundreds more!

Scene 1 - Intermediate Version - Demo and Verse 1 (10.82)


Scene 2 - Intermediate Version - 2nd Verse (5.73)

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Scene 3 - Intermediate Version - Middle Eight (5.33)

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Scene 4 - Improv Version - Analyzing Harmony (9.35)

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Scene 5 - Improv Version - Middle Eight (10.16)

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Marcelo Berestovoy

The guitar part that Paul McCartney plays on Blackbird is already legendary, but just imagine playing the vocal melody line on top of the guitar part! Marcelo shows you step by step how to do just that. In addition, Marcelo breaks down the chords and harmony, to allow you to improvise over the changes.

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