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How to play "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" on guitar

   Song lesson length:  25:11

Scenes in the lessons: 7

Scenes: 7


Difficulty rating:   2.0 of 5

"O Come, O Come Emmanuel"

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Scene 1 - Intro and Verse (6.53)


Scene 2 - The Chorus (1.09)

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Scene 3 - Melody High/Low Octaves (3.89)

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Scene 4 - Low Octive for Chorus (0.82)

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Scene 5 - Adding Chords (4.16)

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Scene 6 - Harmonizing (3.36)

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Scene 7 - Adding Chords and Melody Together (5.36)

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Steve Eulberg

Yet again, Steve brings us a classic holiday tune. This time Steve provides an in depth lesson on "O Come, O Come Emmanuel." Steve covers the verse, chorus, the melody (both high and low octaves), as well as a harmonization of the melody.

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