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How to play "Redwing - (The Ice Cream Truck Song)" on guitar

   Song lesson length:  27:45

Scenes in the lessons: 4

Scenes: 4


Difficulty rating:   2.5 of 5

"Redwing - (The Ice Cream Truck Song)"

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Scene 1 - Intro and Chords (13.58)


Scene 2 - The Walking Method (7.56)

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Scene 3 - Lower Octave (4.74)

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Scene 4 - Alternative E Slide (1.88)

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Steve Eulberg

Steve breaks down the classic song "Redwing". This song is often known by people in the Western world as the "Ice Cream Truck Song". Steve demonstrates an effective rhythm accompaniment and a few ways to interpret the melody. This one is sure to cool you off!

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