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How to play "Down With The Sickness" on guitar

   Song lesson length:  26:00

Scenes in the lessons: 8

Scenes: 8


Difficulty rating:   2.0 of 5

"Down With The Sickness"

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Scene 1 - Song Demonstration (4.63)


Scene 2 - About This Lesson (0.72)

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Scene 3 - The Intro (2.99)

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Scene 4 - The Verse (3.67)

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Scene 5 - The Chorus (4.19)

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Scene 6 - Interlude And Bridge (4.28)

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Scene 7 - The Outro (1.91)

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Scene 8 - Secondary Guitar Parts (3.57)

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Dennis Hodges

Here is a lesson from Dennis Hodges on Disturbed's most well known song, "Down With The Sickness". The song is a concert staple and the album was certified platinum. Dennis breaks down all the parts and even shows you how to play the hard to hear but very cool clean overdubbed part in the verses.

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