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Live Guitar Course: Learn Recording and Audio Engineering the Right Way

Getting started with the recording process can be a daunting task. There’s so many ways to record, and countless pieces of software available. Paralyzed by indecision and a fear of the technical unknown, many aspiring musicians can find themselves stuck before they even begin. This course will greatly simplify the getting started process. It is aimed at guitar players who want to get started in recording, but have been putting it off because it seems too complicated or they just don’t know how to get started the right way. Recording can be one of the guitarist’s most cherished tools for several reasons. It is a perfect practice companion. It lets you focus on and react to your playing from a critical listeners perspective instead of always hearing your guitar as you play it. You’ll be amazed at the aspects of your playing you’ll hear in a new way when you regularly record and critique your playing. You’ll be motivated to change certain ways you do things. Your timing will improve. Even your phrasing and note choices will become more strategic and well-placed. This is all because you become the player and the critic! Recording is fantastic way to capture your musical journey through the years. Writing songs, recording performances over backing tracks, playing guitar on other artists’ music and making live recordings of gigs all collectively create a vault containing your activity as a musician. Looking back on your creative output as a guitar player is a rewarding part of playing!There are two types of guitar players out there: noodlers and artists. For the moment, forget about classifying your guitar playing as beginner, intermediate or advanced; instead think about what you are creating with your guitar playing. What are you doing with your guitar? Recording is one of the main ways you can begin to give yourself a reason to play. When you create music, even if it is simple music, you cross over from noodler to artist. Many famous and prolific songwriters throughout the decades were not fantastic guitar players. They simply focused on creating music with the skills they had. They honed their craft as an artist. It wasn’t amazing in the beginning, but it was something! Nothing ever happens unless it starts first, and we can get started today with recording!

Starting to Record

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  • Audio Engineering Basics
  • Core Mixing Concepts
  • Effects All Audio Engineers Need
  • Beginner Audio Editing
  • Master Your Track
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Starting to Record Guitar Course

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Date Topic

Week 1

02/08/2018 at 6pm

First Steps, Setting It All Up

Let’s get Pro Tools First and Studio One Prime installed and configured. Let’s get things wired up and connected and talk about what you’ll need to get the most out of your recordings without spending a bunch of money you don’t need to spend. It’s a great idea to get your gear and environment all set up in an altogether separate session so you can focus on techy stuff first, and then, when you’re fresh, you can sit down and focus on making music!

Week 2

02/15/2018 at 6pm

Initial Beginner “Gotchas”

Even with meticulous guided setup, owners manuals and tutorials, there are annoying little issues that can creep up when you start to try and make music. It’s almost like the issues are alive and just waiting to squash your creativity. We’re going to try to solve these kind of problems even before they come up so that you can focus on making music and not chasing your tail.

Week 3

02/22/2018 at 6pm

How Audio and MIDI Work

In this session, we’re going to talk about audio and MIDI basics. We’ll discuss audio formats and specifications that you’ll need to know a little about in order to get the most out of your recordings. We’ll also demystify MIDI and discuss its versatile role in creating great sounding tracks. Having a handle on these formats and tools will unlock creativity you never knew you had!

Week 4

02/28/2018 at 8pm

Signal Routing and Multitrack Concepts

Let’s trace those cables, set trim levels, dial in that preamp and level the faders. We’re going to make sure the sound going into your DAW is the best that it can be. We’ll talk more about using microphones, using the right inputs for your electric guitar and look at how multi-track audio works inside the software. You’ll get your first taste of how mixing works as well.

Week 5

03/08/2018 at 6pm

Beginner Tracking and Audio Editing

We’re going to record our first “keeper” audio tracks in this session. We’ll also look at basic editing techniques and tips to make your recorded performances sound a bit tighter and better. We’ll look at moving audio, punching in during the middle of a performance, and cleaning up a take when you’ve recorded the best version you can play.

Week 6

03/15/2018 at 6pm

Beginner Tracking and MIDI Editing

This week we’re going to have the same format as last week but we’ll be focusing on MIDI. There’s lots you can do with MIDI and once you have a handle on it, it is really quite magical. You can change how loud notes are, how long notes are played, the timing and even the pitch of notes all with simple editing. We’ll also look at setting up MIDI keyboard interfaces and track some drums and keys.

Week 7

03/22/2018 at 6pm

Simple Song Building

Now that we’ve gotten our feet wet with tracking both audio and midi parts, we’re going to start to record and layer different parts. We’re going to arrange a simple song and use tracking and listening to make sure everything fits together well. This is a really fun process and a great ear training exercise as well. You’ll be building your own backing tracks in no time flat!

Week 8

03/29/2018 at 6pm

Basic Mixing Concepts

We’ve got our parts and tracks. We’ve edited the parts to make sure they fit well together from an arranging standpoint. Now we’re going to focus on what it takes to mix the elements together just right. We’ll look at leveling each track, discuss panning EQ and signal flow as it pertains to mixing. Things work a little differently in each DAW, so we’ll make sure you can get around each piece of software as well when it comes to mixing.

Week 9

04/05/2018 at 6pm

Using Effects and Plugins

We’ve been using a plugin here and there for the whole course up until now, but in this session, we are going to go deep into how some of the core effects and plugins work and how to to use them properly. We’ll look at compression, EQ and reverb primarily in the context of mixing, and further discuss how they can help in the tracking stages as well.

Week 10

04/12/2018 at 6pm

Learning To Mix and Master

We’ll continue our study of mixing and we’ll see and hear how to master tracks as well. Have you ever recorded something that sounds great on your recording speakers, but as soon as you listen to it in your car or on another music system, you’re disappointed? Proper mixing and mastering will make it so that you are able to listen to your creations on any system and be pleased!

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