Rut Busting Practice Tips

Live Guitar Course: Stop Wasting Time and Learn to Practice Right

You are going to learn how to practice. I’m going to help you to always know what you should practice! I’m going to show you how to be more effective at learning. I’m going to show you how to take what you already know, and make your playing sound so much better! Many of us have been in the same situation. We have the time to practice, and the desire to practice, but we just don’t know exactly what to do. These questions may seem familiar. What should I practice? How should I practice? What do I work on next? How do I get out of this rut? Why am I not improving? What am I doing? If you live in this questioning state for too long, you may end up getting quite discouraged and start to resent playing because it’s always the same story. You might seek advice from other guitar players or instructors, and eventually, you’ll give up unless you start to understand one crucial fact. Unless you have goals and work to accomplish them, making progress with your instrument will be difficult. This course is aimed specifically for anyone who can’t seem to get in the groove when it comes to setting goals, creating meaningful practice times and may find themselves at a loss for what to play when sitting down with the guitar. Be encouraged; it is completely possible to always be improving and and making music. Don’t waste another minute; let’s get started.

Rut Busting Practice Tips

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  • Practice Like Never Before
  • Make Regular Progress
  • Learn to Set Realistic Goals
  • Recording Yourself to Practice
  • Making Your Practice Time Count
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Rut Busting Practice Tips Guitar Course

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Date Topic

Week 1

03/08/2018 at 8pm

Coming to Terms With Your Playing

It is important that we are all very honest with ourselves about our playing. We all get caught up in gear, tone, taking in resources on the internet, entertainment and it can be difficult to take a good look at your playing with a practical set of eyes. We’re going to discuss several different types of players. You are going to hear personal testimony about what it looks like to truly evaluate playing. Be thinking of answers to the following questions after our session:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What do you enjoy doing? What do you not enjoy doing?
  • How much time do you have?
  • What would be the one aspect of your playing you would like to improve the most?

Week 2

03/15/2018 at 8pm

All About Goals

There’s a few questions that indicate that someone has not taken the time to set real, achievable goals. How do I practice? What should I work on next? When should I move on? How do I get out of a rut? In this session You’ll learn how NOT to set goals, and how to consistently give your playing purpose so that you’re never having to ask the above questions again. Those questions will instead answer themselves. We’ll discuss and unpack examples for the following questions and topics in this session:

  • Why did you decide to play the guitar?
  • What do you want to do with your guitar playing?
  • Long term vs short term goals.
  • Changing perspective on goals.
  • Accountability.
  • Setting and meeting deadlines.

Week 3

03/22/2018 at 8pm

Different Types of Practicing

Being mindful of the different ways you can approach your regular practicing will help keep things interesting and fulfilling. A lot of players get stuck in the “drills” mindset and forget about all the wonderful ways there are to develop your playing. We’re going to discuss and unpack examples of three different types of practicing:

  • Focusing on technique.
  • Conceptual practicing.
  • Creative practicing.

Week 4

03/29/2018 at 8pm

Making Your Time Count

We’ve all had it happen. You sit down to play and before you know it, an hour has gone by but you can’t honestly remember what you really learned or worked on. We’re going to discuss focus, and walk through a real life timed practice session based on each type of practicing discussed in the last lesson. We’re also going to unpack these topics in our session:

  • Scheduling time.
  • Setting timers.
  • Prioritizing.
  • Being mindful of your deadlines.

Week 5

04/05/2018 at 8pm

The Role of Recording in Practice Part 1

Recording is one of the main tools that is going to foster improvement on the guitar. You’re going to see and hear real life examples of how recording can immediately help you refine and reflect on your playing. We’ll look specifically at how to think about recording from a practicing perspective:

  • Revisit Different Types of Practicing: Technique, Conceptual, Creative
  • React as a Listener
  • Like an Honest Mirror
  • Ways to Use in Practicing

If you have no experience with recording, please be sure to check out our Starting to Record course.

Week 6

04/12/2018 at 8pm

The Role of Recording in Practice Part 2

In this session we’re going to take a closer look at how to use certain aspects of recording to enhance your practicing. You don’t have to be anywhere close to an expert to make recording work for you in your practice sessions, and in this lesson, you’ll see just how simple it is. We’re going to look at examples of the following tools:

  • Working with tempo, no track.
  • Working with drum loops.
  • Working with backing tracks.
  • Making your own simple tracks.

Week 7

04/19/2018 at 8pm

Practicing Creativity

This type of practicing deserves it’s own session. There is so much to unpack and demonstrate when it comes to practicing creativity. We’ll use basic recording techniques to continually evaluate and spur on our creativity while we practice. We’ll hone in specifically on these areas:

  • Focus on phrasing.
  • Layering simple parts.
  • Pocket.
  • Basic arranging.
  • Week 8

    04/26/2018 at 8pm

    Practicing Discernment

    When you start regularly reflecting on your playing, you’ll start to notice a lot of things you like and plenty that you don’t like. You’ll listen back and want to immediately fix or revisit certain ideas to refine them and make them sound more complete or natural. This act of listening, making a judgement on your playing and then fixing or enhancing based on what you hear is absolutely a form of practicing. It’s a branch of practicing creativity and we’ll see and hear practical examples of how this works:

    • Piecing together ideas: solo excerpt.
    • The composing mindset
    • Making conversation

    Week 9

    05/03/2018 at 8pm

    Measuring Your Progress

    The longer you play, the more evidence you should have of your playing and your evolution as a guitar player. This can be done with your memory of course, but as you learn to make recording a big part of your practicing, your evidence will start to happen as a byproduct. We’re going to set you up to be able to look back on your guitar playing life in much the same way you look back at photo albums or some of your favorite musicians. We’ll discuss the following ways to measure your progress:

    • Keeping a recorded record.
    • Expectations vs. achievements .
    • Year by year technique.
    • Month By Month Technique.

    Week 10

    05/10/2018 at 8pm

    The Projects Mentality

    The most inspired guitar players always have a reason to play. They are not given reasons to play. They continuously create reasons to play. We’re going to take a look at several player profiles you’ll be likely to relate to and talk about how to create opportunities for yourself as a player. It’s not about being a pro or getting paid. It’s about finding and acting on inspiration. We’re going to talk about some disciplines you can maintain to make sure you always have a reason to play:

    • Keeping a list.
    • Calendar and deadlines.
    • Make them up and give yourself a reason to play.
    • Accountability.

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