Andy James Artist Series

Artist Series Guitar Course from Andy James

Learn how to shred with the amazing guitarist Andy James.

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Complete course with step-by-step lessons and practice examples.


Course filmed with 6 cameras for the perfect angles.

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Full Course Breakdown

Learn how to shred with the amazing guitarist Andy James.


Shred Alternate Picking Technique

Virtuoso Andy James sheds new light on the alternate picking technique and how to practice effectively.

16:43 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


String Skipping Arpeggios

Andy shows you how to play various arpeggio examples by using the string skipping technique to allow for a cleaner sound.

8:00 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Hybrid Picking

Andy James shows how he uses hybrid picking and includes various examples to practice.

10:00 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty



Andy James shows various 3 and 5 string arpeggio sweep picking examples. He covers the major, minor, and diminished shapes.

11:00 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty



Andy explains that he doesn't rely on theory but rather on shapes and patterns to improvise in one key. We had Andy improvise over one of the JamPlay backing tracks to illustrate his methods.

9:00 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Interview: Andy James

Get an in-depth look into the mind of virtuoso guitarist Andy James. Learn about Andy's early beginnings all the way up to what he is working on currently.

31:26 Runtime

0.5 Difficulty

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Sacred Mother Tongue

  • Northampton, England
  • Playing since 1988
  • 14 lessons at JamPlay
Guitarist Andy James is widely regarded as the best breakthrough guitarist in the UK with a developed fan base of his own. He has released four solo albums called Machine, In the Wake of Chaos, Kaos 7, and self titled Andy James. Andy has specialised in teaching lead techniques for Heavy Rock and Metal. He has also taught guitarists around the world through his successful range of tuition DVDs with the Guitar Community.

He is highly influenced by the likes of Andy Timmons, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert and Adam Dutkiewicz. He has full endorsement with ESP Guitars, Laney Amplification and EMG, Inc.

Reviews & Feedback 90/100 with 99 ratings

A genuine attempt to convey how we can start to go down the same road to achieve his level of skills.... some hope, he's amazing


Awesome. Short and to the point. Just made my Pentatonic playing way more melodic.


Good lesson overall, nice ideas to practice.


Great lesson! Thanks Andy.


Great Lesson. Great Teacher. Good Job


Quality content as usual.


very easy to understand


Yes what I need for speed.