Folk Guitar Lessons & Courses

Often defined as music without composers or that of the lower class, Folk originated in the 19th century and grown in popularity sense. It encompass what is referred to as "folk revival" music that started to gain momentum in the 20th century. It contains influences from traditional Celtic, Eastern European, Baltic, Nordic and Swedish music styles. Take a look below to check out the different teachers that cover folk. You can scope out the entire series or sample it out by clicking to view the free lesson.

20 0 100%

Guitar Reset: C9 Tuning

34 lessons

13 1 86%

Two Hand Grooves with Mark Kroos

11 lessons

153 14 83%

Folk Guitar with Eve Goldberg

21 lessons

47 1 96%

Extreme Folk Guitar

33 lessons

47 1 96%

David Wilcox Artist Series

4 lessons