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How to play "You" on guitar

   Song lesson length:  56:54

Scenes in the lessons: 8

Scenes: 8


Difficulty rating:   3.0 of 5


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Scene 1 - Lesson Introduction (1.21)


Scene 2 - Intro and Verse One (12.19)

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Scene 3 - Verse Two (4.48)

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Scene 4 - Chorus One (4.1)

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Scene 5 - Chorus Two into Bridge and Solo Rhythm (8.94)

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Scene 6 - Guitar Solo (12.17)

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Scene 7 - End of Song (8.39)

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Scene 8 - Full Song Demonstration (4.89)

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Chris Liepe

The song "You" by the artist Candlebox was released in 1994 and presents some very catchy rhythm parts as well as a wicked guitar solo that will allow a beginner player to get a taste of some intermediate guitar parts. Chris Liepe teaches this song in a fun and easy way to pick up.

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