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How to play "Breaking The Law" on guitar

   Song lesson length:  39:17

Scenes in the lessons: 8

Scenes: 8


Difficulty rating:   1.0 of 5

"Breaking The Law"

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Scene 1 - Song Demonstration (2.63)


Scene 2 - Intro Riff (7.83)

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Scene 3 - 1st Verse (7.15)

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Scene 4 - 1st and 2nd Chorus (4.79)

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Scene 5 - 2nd Verse (3.19)

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Scene 6 - Bridge Rhythm (3.31)

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Scene 7 - Added Bridge Lead (5.5)

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Scene 8 - Ending Melody (4.91)

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Chris Liepe

Chris Liepe teaches a classic Judas Priest song entitled "Breaking The Law." Chris introduces this very catchy song in a way that is perfect for beginners. If it's your favorite song and you already know how to play it feel free to view the lesson for Chris' original additional lead licks.

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