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How to play "So Far Away" on guitar

   Song lesson length:  19:53

Scenes in the lessons: 6

Scenes: 6


Difficulty rating:   2.5 of 5

"So Far Away"

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Scene 1 - Introduction (2.37)


Scene 2 - Acoustic Guitar (4.82)

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Scene 3 - Intro/Verse Electric Guitar (2.76)

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Scene 4 - Electric Rhythm Guitar (2.42)

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Scene 5 - Electric Lead Guitar (2.29)

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Scene 6 - Final Thoughts & Song Demo (5.23)

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Mike Mushok

Learn one of the most successful singles off of Staind's 3rd major label release. Get some inside dirt on how record labels work and be sure to pick up on the songwriting and arranging techniques Mike uses when adapting a singer/songwriter song to heavy baritone guitar!

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