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How to play "I've Been Everywhere" on guitar

   Song lesson length:  26:00

Scenes in the lessons: 6

Scenes: 6


Difficulty rating:   1.5 of 5

"I've Been Everywhere"

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Scene 1 - Electric Demonstration (3.18)


Scene 2 - Acoustic Demonstration (3.22)

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Scene 3 - About This Lesson (1.42)

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Scene 4 - Acoustic Guitar Parts (7.47)

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Scene 5 - Electric Parts (9.92)

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Scene 6 - Style And Tone (1.15)

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DJ Phillips

Here is a song that's been recorded by many different artists and was originally written by Geoff Mack in 1959. The version DJ teaches was recorded by Johnny Cash in 1996.

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