Brad Lindsey

Brad Lindsey

Brad is a Guitar instructor at

Brad Lindsey started his musical career in grade school during the early 60's. His first instrument of choice was the trumpet. He learned to read sheet music and other basic music principals early on which helped greatly in the future. One night when Brad was still young he had a dream where someone handed him a beautiful electric guitar and instructed him to "play something." In the dream he took the guitar and began playing and the most wonderful music came out. At ... (more)

Brad currently offers 2 guitar lessons at JamPlay, with 2 song lessons.

Brad Lindsey's contribution to JamPlay

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Songs with Brad Lindsey

Learning songs can be tricky business, and who better to teach you then someone who makes a living playing live music. In this series Brad Lindsey will pass on some of his guitar playing knowledge.

"House Of The Rising Sun"

The Animals

Brad Lindsey teaches you how to play "House Of The Rising Sun." He also explains the song's structure.

9:09 Runtime

"Locomotive Breath"

Jethro Tull

Brad Lindsey teaches you all the key parts to "Locomotive Breath" by Jethro Tull.

13:01 Runtime

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