Robb Flynn

Robb Flynn

From Machine Head

And so it begins... 18 tracks of a capella vocals sung by guitarist and lead vocalist Robb Flynn to a haunting, somber melody sung completely in Latin. The words he's singing? "Sangre Sani" (Blood Saint), "Bellator Inferni" (Warrior of Fire), "Caede" (Murder), "Edemarde" (Suicide) and ending with the whispered "death", accentuating part one of a three-movement Sonata in C# entitled "I Am Hell". The narrative within the language is goosebump-worthy subject matter; the tale of ... (more)

Robb currently offers 4 guitar lessons at JamPlay, with 4 song lessons.

Robb Flynn's contribution to JamPlay

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Songs with Machine Head

Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel breakdown songs of Machine Head.

"Aesthetics Of Hate"

Machine Head

Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel join forces in teaching the Machine Head song "Aesthetics of Hate." The duo breaks down both guitar parts in a complete lesson also dubbed "The Thrashterpiece!"

55:01 Runtime

"Be Still And Know"

Machine Head

Influenced by Iron Maiden, Phil gave Robb some licks, and he built a very special tune called "Be Still and Know" that has some personal ties to the artists as they were going through rough times.

45:26 Runtime

"Darkness Within"

Machine Head

Robb and Phil team up to demonstrate all of "Darkness Within". This is a melodic song that builds into a full, heavy solo. This song comes from the 2011 album entitled Unto the Locust.

49:46 Runtime

"Now I Lay Thee Down"

Machine Head

This is a complete song lesson of "Now I Lay Thee Down." Phil and Robb will break down every aspect of this metal piece. This comes from their 2007 "The Blackening."

41:17 Runtime

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