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Andre Nieri was born in Brazil and inspired by bands such as Metallica and Pearl Jam at an early age. He was exposed to a wide variety of music styles growing up and fell in love with Brazilian Jazz music called "Bossa Nova". He believes that being raised in Brazil was a great opportunity to get exposure to a variety of music styles. Andre graduated from Brazil's most renowned music conservatory with a degree in Jazz and Brazilian music. He then toured the country with vari... (more)

Andre currently offers 32 guitar lessons at JamPlay, with 32 lessons in our Artist Series.

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Virtuoso guitarist Andre Nieri teaches soloing techniques and strategies that have made him a "guitar hero for the next generation". Inspired by all genres of music, Andre blends it all together to create his unique genre-defying sound. We are excited to now welcome him as our newest JamPlay artist. Learn more below.


Series Introduction

Born in 1986 and hailing from Brazil, Andre showed musical inclination at an early age. Influenced by native Brazilian Jazz music and bands such as Metallica and Pearl Jam, Andre crafted a style that blends traditional Jazz and Rock elements to create a truly unique sound. In his master course, he teaches the techniques he uses and demonstrates how he fuses genre's to create his signature sound.

2:46 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty

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Muting Strings

In this lesson, Andre discusses and demonstrates the art of string muting. To create the clean and intricate blending of styles requires attention to this technique. Andre will demonstrate the various ways to mute and how this is applied to his style of playing.

11:17 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Bending the Strings

Used in both Bossa and Rock styles, bends add articulation and nuance to music. In this lesson, Andre discusses how to create bends of varying interval distances and details how to go about landing on the correct pitch within the bend.

5:38 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Arpeggiating Chords

In the most simplest of terms, an arpeggio is a broken chord with notes played independently of one another. Andre uses this technique to create both rhythm and melody in his music. In this lesson he discusses the uses of arpeggios and demonstrates several.

8:35 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Pop Rhythm

It's time to start working with backing tracks. In this lesson, Andre teaches a short rhythmic phrase in a Pop fashion. Not only is this a fun bouncy number, but it imparts the knowledge necessary to start constructing a blended style from Pop music.

11:10 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Bossa Rhythm

The Bossa styles of Brazil are considered traditional music and are heavily influenced by Jazz. In this lesson Andre teaches you a Bossa inspired melody and rhythm over an appropriate backing track. Later in the course you will be using these elements with other musical styles.

10:48 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Acoustic, Meet Electric

In this lesson, Andre discusses his approach to playing electric and acoustic guitars in the same musical piece. Using a backing track to help, you will be learning a complimentary acoustic and electric guitar part to jam out with.

8:46 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Rumba Rhythm

In this lesson Andre covers his interpretation of the traditional Spanish Rumba rhythm. He will teach you a set of chords used, then guide you through the rhythm and exercises to get it under your fingertips. This rhythm will lay the groundwork for coming lessons.

6:52 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Arpeggio Techniques

Andre is back with another lesson on the arpeggio technique. He delves more deeply into how you can create and utilize arpeggios, specifically for acoustic guitar. Once complete with the lesson, you will be ready to utilize the techniques later in the series.

6:16 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Note Choice is Everything

Taking into account chord and scale choices, Andre discusses his approach to creating melodic and solo content over a chord progression. He demonstrates his methodology for achieving his unique sound and provides common shapes that can help you produce similar sounds.

12:57 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Scale Chords

In this lesson Andre talks about a concept that he calls scale chords. Trying to keep away from having to memorize chord names for each scale, he instead relies on shapes and the scales themselves to help build chords that will be suitable to a scale.

5:31 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Dynamic Soloing

Great melody and solo work is not all about rhythm and note choice. In this lesson Andre discusses his approach to dynamics in a solo context. He talks about both loudness and quietness as well as tone differences that can be achieved via playing and electronics.

6:16 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty



Andre returns with another technique based lesson. This time he discusses and demonstrates the fingerpicking technique. Not only will Andre show you the basic technique, but he discusses how and when he decides to utilize it.

10:54 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Alternate and Fingerpicking

In the previous lesson you learned about fingerpicking. In this lesson, Andre discusses the alternate picking method and how to incorporate it with fingerpicking. Additionally he demonstrates how to hold the pick in a way that you can easily switch from alternate picking to fingerpicking.

9:22 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Let's Legato

In this lesson Andre teaches you a legato pattern that he commonly uses in his own compositions. He discusses using the previously learned techniques with the legato style, then provides an exercise to help commit it to memory.

6:41 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Sweep Picking

" In this lesson Andre discusses the mechanics of sweep picking and how he incorporates the technique into his playing. This technique will become integral to the coming lessons. you will play the exercise at several tempos to get comfortable with the technique."

7:45 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Alternate Picking

It is time to take another look at alternate picking. In this lesson, Andre goes more in depth with the technique. Getting comfortable with alternate picking will be necessary to achieve success with upcoming lessons in the series. you will again play an exercise at several tempos.

5:55 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Rock Brazilian Samba

Andre is back with another lesson that infuses different genre's guitar styles and techniques. This time you will be taking a classical nylon strung guitar, an electric guitar and using the Samba and Rock genre's to fuse and create a unique soundscape.

32:45 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Metallic Latin Harmony

Just like the lesson you viewed previously, this one blends the Latin and Metal genre's to create an aggressive sound with the harmony and rhythmic aspects of Latin music. Like the last lesson, you will have a backing track to practice with.

37:01 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Rock Flamenco

In this lesson Andre discusses how to bring the flamenco style to the electric guitar to create some really cool sounding riffs. you will then use the acoustic guitar to play lead on top of that electric guitar bed.

31:20 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Blues Flamenco

Keeping with the Flamenco theme, in this lesson you will be blending the blue genre in a ballad type setting. you will be using the electric guitar to create gritty, yet soulful melodies, while the acoustic guitar lays down the rhythm.

27:46 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Shred Flamenco

Now it's time to break out those sweep and alternate picking chops and lay down some Shred Flamenco! Just like past lessons you will be using the flamenco style blended with shredding techniques to create fast patterns and huge sounds.

38:14 Runtime

4.5 Difficulty


Bluesy Bossa

In this lesson, Andre revisits the blues, but this time blends it with the Bossa style. Like before you will use your electric guitar to ooze charisma and melody while keeping a Bossa rhythm locked down with the acoustic guitar.

22:59 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Jazzy Bossa

In this Jazzy Bossa lesson, you are drawing from similar styles. Andre teaches an entire guitar piece that is both modern and traditional in nature. The acoustic guitar will handle most of the rhythm, while you create modern jazzy melodies with the electric.

24:52 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Jazzed Up Pop Ballads

In this lesson you will be thinking smooth jazz and pop. Channeling your inner John Mayer and George Benson, you will be playing down a modern, pop derived rhythm with the acoustic and using double stop melodies with the electric guitar.

33:41 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


Blues Pop

Have you ever though about blending Blues, Jazz and Pop styles? While this may seem out of the ordinary, Andre discusses the approach to using the Pop style as a bed for blues and jazz lead playing.

25:16 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Pop Funk And R&B

Once again, you will be blending three genres of music. In this lesson, you will take a funky pop backing track and accent it with a R'nB' style electric guitar. You will lay down a funky pop rhythm with the acoustic guitar.

34:32 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Melodic Rock Pop

This lesson is all about the musical conversation between the electric and acoustic guitar. You will be laying down a pop rhythm bed and a bit of lead with the acoustic, then playing some soulful melodies over that with the electric guitar.

22:18 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Progressive Rock Pop

In this lesson you are still thinking about pop, but this time blending in progressive rock. The key will modulate between E major and A minor. As with lessons before, the acoustic lays down the rhythm while you play lead with the electric guitar.

24:56 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Rocky Fusion

In this lesson, you will learn how to play melody through a complex set of chord changes. This Fusion Rock example will have you playing a complex harmonic rhythm with the acoustic while dynamically navigating the melody with the electric guitar.

28:31 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Rock Gets Jazzy

Learn how to incorporate a dynamic yet aggressive approach to lead playing over complex, nylon stringed, jazzy sounds. Use bends, vibrato, slides, pinch harmonics, and more solo over a 6/8 feel. This lesson uses multiple backing track speeds that allow the student to work up to top tempo.

29:26 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Shredding on an Acoustic

Andre shows how to shred on the Acoustic guitar over a Rock track. This might sound unusual, but it is integral to Andre's sound. The soloing utilizes a plethora of techniques such as open strings, alternate picking, legato, vibrato, sweep picking and so on.

32:37 Runtime

4.5 Difficulty

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