Tim Stewart

Tim Stewart

From Lady Gaga

Tim Stewart is a lifelong guitarist, writer and producer. Currently, he is splitting time between Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and his own project for a band called "Knives". Tim has been playing, touring and performing for over 20 years, and recently performed at the half time show for the NFL Super Bowl in 2018. His performing and writing credits include Lady Gaga, Rihanna, J-Lo, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Destiny's Child, Jessica Simpson, Frank Ocean, Rodney Jerk... (more)

Tim currently offers 55 guitar lessons at JamPlay, with 55 intermediate lessons.

Tim Stewart's contribution to JamPlay

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Rhythm Guitarist Fretboard Roadmap

To effectively play rhythm guitar, it helps to know the fretboard backwards and forwards. In this pack, Tim Stewart will cover basic chord progressions with common notes — plus chord inversions, CAGED concepts, and chord melodies in a few different playing styles. Once you have a good understanding of these fretboard fundamentals, you’ll practice each concept by playing along with a few fun backing tracks.

Electric Rock

If you want a roadmap to start playing like a rockstar, this course is for you. With so many different interpretations of the genre, it's hard to get a good idea of what rock music is and how to create it. Tim Stewart guides you through it all by focusing on the technical components of rock guitar. You’ll be introduced to techniques like power chords, string skipping, and tremolo picking that will add that signature rock sound to your playing. In addition, you’ll have access to 5 JamTracks to test it all out for yourself.

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