Rob Garland

Rob Garland

From Rob Garland & The Blue Monks

Growing up in England Rob worked in a diverse array of bands and performed on the London college circuit. Later he played hundreds of gigs at festivals (such as The Big Muddy Blues Festival, Blues In The District, Washington Blues, etc). and at clubs around the U.S. His group, Rob Garland & The Blue Monks, opened for artists such as B.B. King, Chuck Berry, and Booker T. The band attained airplay on international radio and T.V. stations. Rob graduated from Christ Church Colleg... (more)

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Essential Blues Lead Concepts

Finding yourself in a pentatonic rut? Or maybe you have a few pentatonic scales under your fingers but you don't know quite what to do with them. Rob Garland offers the tools you need to enhance your solos within blues-style playing!


Essential Blues Chord Voicings


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