Dave Felton

Dave Felton

From Mushroomhead

Dave Felton plays guitar in a cleveland, ohio band called "Mushroomhead". Dave has a real take it or leave approach on guitar playing. Dave Felton's lessons on JamPlay are on various "Mushroomhead" songs. If you are a fan of Mushroomhead or metal in general you can walk away with something from Dave's lessons!

Dave currently offers 5 guitar lessons at JamPlay, with 5 song lessons.

Dave Felton's contribution to JamPlay

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Songs with Dave Felton

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"Sun Doesn't Rise"


Learn this Mushroomhead fan favorite from the man himself. Mr. Dave Felton takes you step by step through "Sun Doesn't Rise."

19:50 Runtime



From Mushroomhead's 2007 release Savior Sorrow, "1200" is crushing from start to finish.

13:22 Runtime

"Wake Us"

Dave Felton

Get your 7 strings out! Dave Felton teaches his song,"Wake Us," from Dave's Heavy Duty Demo.

21:15 Runtime

"On The Line"


Dave Felton teaches this 7 string monster from his band "(216)".

23:56 Runtime

"Along The Way"


Dave teaches "Along The Way" from his band, Mushroomhead. This song was released on the Scorpion King movie soundtrack.

23:22 Runtime

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