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Shane Gibson

Shane Gibson

From Korn, stOrk

Shane Gibson is an accomplished American guitarist who has had a successful career as a composer, session guitarist and touring guitarist. Shane graduated from the Berklee College of Music with the "Berklee's Best Guitarist" Scholarship. He is also well known for being the former touring guitarist for the band "KoRn" as well as the guitarist of Jonathan Davis' solo band. He is currently the guitar player for "stOrk" and "Schwarzenator." Shane also is an accomplished s... (more)

Shane currently offers 7 guitar lessons at JamPlay, with 6 song lessons and 1 entertainment videos.

Shane Gibson's contribution to JamPlay

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Songs With Shane Gibson

Learn SchwartZenator And St0rk songs from former Korn touring guitarist Shane Gibson.

"End Of Days"


Learn this 7 string monster from the band SchwarZenatoR. The song is taught by the band's guitarist and former Korn touring guitarist Shane Gibson.

12:00 Runtime

"The Villain"


Shane Gibson, former Korn touring guitarist and founding member of the band SchwarZenatoR, teaches this 7 string monster from their self-titled album.

13:00 Runtime



Shane teaches "DucksinaponD" from his band stOrk. As with all his lessons you will need a 7 string guitar to play along.

13:00 Runtime



Shane Gibson teaches this song from his band stOrk. Tune your 7 strings to standard and get ready for some crazy rhythms and shred leads.

13:00 Runtime

"Changing Lanes"


Shane Gibson shows you how to play this 7-string metal song from his band stOrk.

19:46 Runtime

"Terminator 2"


Shane Gibson teaches this 7-string song from his band SchwarZenator.

15:25 Runtime

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