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Dream Theater Guitar Lessons

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"Endless Sacrifice"

by Dream Theater

Run time: 79:14 Metal

"Resident JamPlay metallurgist Allen Van Wert tackles the 11 minute epic "Endless Sacrifice" by Dream Theater. Allen meticulously explains all of John Petrucci's guitar parts in this 80 minute lesson. If you are looking for a challenge, this is it!"

Lesson taught by Allen Van Wert

"Pull Me Under"

by Dream Theater

Run time: 120:06 Metal

"Here is a lesson on Dream Theater's most popular song. Recognizable by its brooding clean intro and brutal distorted rhythms, this song is a must learn for metal guitarists. Chances are if you want to learn a song like this you'll want to take your time and sink your teeth into it, learning every nuance. At just over 2 hours this is probably the most comprehensive lesson on this song you'll probably ever find. As usual, Allen Van Wert explains every part note for note while keeping things light and interesting."

Lesson taught by Allen Van Wert

"The Silent Man"

by Dream Theater

Run time: 37:37 Rock

"Nick is back with another acoustic song! This song is loaded with lots of dark, brooding, solemn chords that are a little bit different and less commonly used. So dig in and enjoy!"

Lesson taught by Nick Greathouse