Guitar Feedback Problems - Guitar Question

" member wupnride asks: I play an Epiphone Zakk Wylde , an Epiphone custom and a strat style ESP.All have the active EMG humbuckers.I used to play through a Randall solid stae head but now I am using an EVH 5150 head and my feedback is just out of control.The only pedals that I use are a BBE Sonic Maximizer,Boss Chorus,Boss Noise suppressor,and a Planet WAves tuner. I have even tried cutting back on my amp volume and increasing my sound at the board.I have also tried cutting back on the volume at my guitar.Are there any pedals or rack mounted effects that can reduce my feed back?I really could use some good advice on this one. Thanks"

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This is a video response from Nick Greathouse, one of the many JamPlay instructors. If you have guitar related questions, or are struggling with a topic, we field questions every day from guitarists from around the globe. Learn more about our guitar lessons, and especially our live guitar courses for more information.

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