Guitar Travel Tips, Flying, Humidity and Altitude - Guitar Question

"nmound asks, "Hello JamPlay, I was wondering if you could provide some travel tips. Soon, I will be getting mobilized to Hawaii for a year and want to bring my Washburn acoustic with me. New York to Honolulu is quite the journey and I want my guitar to make it in one piece. One friend recommended de-tuning the strings b/c the pressure changes on a plane can make them bust. Also, is there a place on the plane for instruments as it is to big to fit in overhead compartments. Or, do I have no choice but to make it checked luggage (cringes at the thought of those careless baggage handlers)? Of course i will call the airline to get their policy, but tips from the tried and tested JamPlay instructors on their previous travels would be great. Thank You...keep up the good work!!!""

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This is a video response from Nick Greathouse, one of the many JamPlay instructors. If you have guitar related questions, or are struggling with a topic, we field questions every day from guitarists from around the globe. Learn more about our guitar lessons, and especially our live guitar courses for more information.

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