Finger Exercises - Guitar Question

"Lucasholland asked "Hello, in lesson 2 of his Phase 1 lesson set, Steve Eulberg teaches a chromatic scale finger exercise. I'm using that exercise as part of my practice routine to improve my finger strength and accuracy and also to warm up. When I play the exercise on the low E string, is it okay for the palm of my hand or the part where my first finger connects to the palm of my hand to touch the bottom of the neck of the guitar (often muting the high E string)? When I consciously try to avoid muting the high E or my hand touching the neck at the bottom of the neck I have to flex my wrist more (by moving my thumb down) which makes me feel tension in my wrist. When I play chords or finger pick stuff (e.g. normal, day-to-day song playing) my hand doesn't touch the neck down there so the high E string does not get muted. Thanks and keep up the good work. Lucas""

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