Changing Scale Boxes - Guitar Question

"Hendoe30 asked "Hey Brad and DMAC, love the site it has really helped me out. I watched the video Q&A from 7/10/08 from john873 regarding mode changes and I was wondering if you could clear this up for me. I am definitely a beginner and I am currently learning the minor pent. scale and I was wondering this. . . In A minor pent. scale when you change from first position to second position do you leave on the root note in first position and start the second position on the root note in order to stay in key, or can you start on any part of the second position. I posted this in the forums but after 77 views and no responses I thought I would give this a shot. I know you guys have lives and can't read all the forums but can you give me some insight. You guys rock!!!""

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This is a video response from David MacKenzie, one of the many JamPlay instructors. If you have guitar related questions, or are struggling with a topic, we field questions every day from guitarists from around the globe. Learn more about our guitar lessons, and especially our live guitar courses for more information.

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